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Why You Should Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

Cannabis seeds for sale are all over the market today because of how marijuana is now legal in a lot of countries and states in North America. And even though there are actually dispensaries and stores available for you to buy legal marijuana from, there are more people going online to buy cannabis seeds for sale. But, even as governments have made cannabis more available for the general public, why do people prefer buying marijuana online?

Well, here are the reasons why you should also consider buying marijuana seeds online:



When you buy marijuana seeds from a dispensary or from a local cannabis store in your area, it will take you a lot of time and effort to do so. You have to actually leave the house, drive or commute to the nearest marijuana dispensary, take a pick, and drive back home. That can take at least two hours if you do not leave near a dispensary. Moreover, you also have to factor in the effort when you go out to buy cannabis seeds.

However, when you buy marijuana seeds online, you only have to sit back, open your mobile device or computer, and then log on to your preferred online cannabis seed bank. You do not even have your seat much less your house to get your hands on marijuana seeds if you order them online. What that means is that it is truly a lot easier and much more convenient for you to order cannabis seeds online than to go to a store to buy the seeds.


  • The selection is wider


In marijuana stores and dispensaries, the seeds and buds selection tends to be limited by the space of the entire store itself. Owners and businesses won’t be able to display the full variety of seeds they have for sale. In that sense, your choices will be limited to what is on the shelves of the stores.

But when you choose cannabis seed banks online, your selection will be wider because these online stores are not limited by the confines of physical space. They can post all of the seeds they are selling on their website without having to worry about the space they take up. Moreover, they tend to have more seeds types and strains for sale because these cannabis seed banks source their seeds from breeders all over the entire world.


  • You have more Payment Options


Most cannabis stores and marijuana dispensaries only accept cash as payment because banks are hesitant to accept transactions related to weed due to certain legal restrictions in the United States that might place these banks in conflict with the law. As such, your payment options are limited. Things might even get worse if you do not have cash in hand but you need to get your hands on some marijuana seeds.

Meanwhile, online cannabis seed banks have a wider range of payment options you can choose from. Aside from cash, you can pay through credit because these online cannabis seed banks actually operate anonymously so that banks will not be able to tell that you are transacting with an entity that sells marijuana. Moreover, online seed banks also allow you to pay via cryptocurrency, through the mail, and several more means.


  • Your Privacy is Protected


While it might be true that marijuana is legal in places where there are cannabis stores and dispensaries, there is still a certain level of social acceptance that weed has to get through for you to be able to go out and buy seeds without getting judged by the general public when you go into stores and dispensaries. In a sense, your privacy is jeopardized if you buy seeds from stores.

On the other hand, your privacy is protected when you buy marijuana seeds online because nobody will be able to see you doing as you no longer even have to leave the house to make a purchase. And cannabis seed banks know how to protect your privacy by making sure they ship your seeds to you in discreet packaging so that nobody will be able to tell that there are cannabis seeds inside it.


  • Escape the Shortage


In Canada, there is a legal marijuana shortage that resulted from too many processes producers have to go through. Some stores even close on certain dates due to a lack of supply. As such, it can be difficult to get your hands on some cannabis seeds in Canada. There is also a possibility that California and other states where marijuana is legal will face the same problem.

However, if you buy marijuana seeds online in seed banks, you can escape the shortage. Buying seeds from those seed banks allow you to plant your own seeds back at home while other people are busy lining up in stores or waiting for their favorite dispensaries to stock up on supplies. In other words, the shortage will not apply to you since you are making your own supply.

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