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Where You Can Buy Marijuana Seeds Legally

So you are looking for the best place to buy marijuana seeds legally? We have updated information for you so you won’t have to worry about getting conned out of your hard earned cash. It’s really tough to buy cannabis especially if you have never done this before. And it gets even tougher if cannabis use, growing, and buying is prohibited where you live. But of course, if there’s a will, there’s a way. There are ways to buy marijuana seeds and other cannabis products and accessories legally.

Where do you buy legal cannabis seeds?

Cannabis legality around the world is very much confusing. In countries where cannabis use has been decriminalized, cannabis sellers sell their products in separate spaces. And despite cannabis use and growing being legal in a number of countries, laws regarding cannabis vary. Here is updated information on the legality of cannabis

To date, legislation is changing rapidly and along with this is about using and consuming cannabis. New rules and restrictions are starting to take effect.  Cannabis seeds are not illegal in Europe. This means that it is possible to purchase cannabis seeds from other countries and delivered to your home if you live on the continent. This is the reason why many European countries have experienced an increase in the number of seeds shops. There are also some illegal operators that sell cannabis seeds and other related products despite restrictions. Cannabis seeds are known to be rich in proteins and amino acids which make this a good snack to eat. You may also find cannabis being used as fishing bait, additives, bird food, souvenirs or collector’s items.

Cannabis rules around the world

While this broad approach applies to Europe, when a product enters a specific country, it is then subject to that country’s laws. Therefore, it is possible to buy seeds prohibited in your own country, but legal in another.

Another thing that makes things more confusing is the event that happened in 1962 when the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs created the framework for the legislation of cannabis all over the world. There were 180 member states that signed this international agreement. The goal of this treaty was to call cannabis an illegal substance. But the message of this agreement is that cannabis seeds are not illegal therefore these may be purchased but as souvenir or collector’s items.

The reason for seeds being free from any regulation was that these do not contain any narcotic components. Naturally, international law takes precedence over national law and this can only mean that cannabis seeds are legal in all the member states that signed the treaty.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, buying, selling or trading marijuana seeds are legal. The best place to buy marijuana seeds legally in the country from local dispensaries and cannabis shops found in the country. Whether you are buying your seeds domestically or from other countries on the continent, you will rest assured that you will be able to buy top quality seeds. But despite this, the germination of marijuana seeds is illegal and anyone caught growing cannabis seeds will be prosecuted. Therefore it is important that the seeds are from reputable vendors and that there is no information about germination is found on the website or from the local seed bank where the seeds will be purchased. If germination or growing of cannabis is mentioned in any website then the activity is already illegal.


If you plan to visit Germany for some cannabis seeds then you might find their laws a bit complicated than other countries. Cannabis seeds do not fall under the German Narcotics Act and this means that seeds are legal to purchase in the country. On the other hand, Germany has restricted the selling of cannabis seeds all over the country. This has made Germany the only European nation to do so.

So if you are still interested in buying cannabis seeds in Germany?  The country is still into the free trading of goods in the European Union so cannabis seeds shipped to the country is still allowed. This means you can order cannabis seeds online and you won’t be subjected to criminal charges to do. Marijuana consumption is legal for people who have been given a prescription by a medical professional.


If you are headed to sunny Spain for some unique cannabis seeds then you must know that their cannabis rule is quite similar to the United Kingdom. Spain is slightly more lenient when it comes to cannabis growing and cannabis seeds. In the country, it is legal to purchase and sell cannabis seeds as long as this is only meant for personal use in private areas like in homes and private properties. Therefore it is possible to germinate cannabis seeds meant for personal use without violating any laws. If you are found to be trafficking weed then you could be facing prosecution.

Spain has unique laws because it has decentralized areas. Each one of these areas is able to make their own decisions and regulations when it comes to cannabis use and growing. Seed shops should have legal authorization to sell cannabis seeds and the private use of cannabis remains legal.


Italy has a unique approach to cannabis seeds. Marijuana seeds in the country are classified as cultivation equipment. And because of this, it has become easy to purchase cannabis seeds from growing shops found all over the country. However, all other cannabis-related activity is still prohibited therefore germination of seeds is illegal. There are a number of reports of users being let go when they are caught with a small amount of cannabis and cannabis products. But despite this, cannabis is still illegal in Italy.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is known as the most sought-after place for marijuana seeds and cannabis products. Cannabis seeds and CBD are openly sold in the country but do you know that cannabis is still illegal in the Netherlands?  It is allowed under a “tolerance policy”. Growing cannabis is also illegal but law enforcement tolerates a number of plants to be grown for personal use.


France has a unique ruling when it comes to cannabis. Marijuana, together with any other drug, may not be presented favorably. Cannabis seeds are legal to purchase in France for as long as these are not used to grow cannabis plants. Consumption of weed, buying and selling are illegal and anyone caught doing so may have to be charged with prison sentences and large fines. You won’t find any cannabis seed bank locally because growers simply buy their seeds from other countries from the continent.


If you are in the USA, you need to review cannabis ruling or policies from the state where you live.  Cannabis seeds are prohibited under federal law in every state, however; there are now nine states in the US that allows the use of recreational and medicinal cannabis. The rules surrounding the purchasing of seeds may also vary. To be sure about the legality of cannabis, check the rules from the local level.

There are now more states that have legalized medical cannabis but are still yet to allow the use and the growing of recreational cannabis. In states where recreational cannabis is legal, you are also allowed to grow cannabis seeds. There are no medical cards to allow you to grow. Medical identification cards are mainly used to escape any kind of prosecution.

South America

South American countries like Mexico are places of legislation. Some South American nations like Brazil are still halfway between legalization and restriction of cannabis. There are also countries that have legalized cannabis to stop the illegal trafficking of weed. There are many Latin American nations that are included in the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs, cannabis seeds are legal. However, due to the volatility of the situation surrounding cannabis legalization is this part of the world, checking your own country’s restrictions is very important.


Canada has recently approved the use and the selling of cannabis and cannabis products. The sale of cannabis seeds is also allowed in all its provinces. This applies to medical cannabis as well as recreational cannabis. You need to be at least 18 years of age to purchase cannabis and cannabis seeds in the country.

There are different rules and regulations on cannabis growing for every province in Canada. Each province also has its own legal cannabis dispensary and these may have a designated online site where customers can purchase seeds from online. You can have online and local seedbanks deliver seeds to your address. Just make sure that you are around to accept your orders or have someone older than 18 years of age to receive your orders.

Every time you visit a medical cannabis dispensary or a recreational cannabis seed bank, bring your ID. You will be asked to present this as you order. Canada Post covers shipment and deliveries of cannabis, cannabis products, and seeds.

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