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What You Need to Know About Cannabis Ruderalis

According to NCBI, weed is often categorized into three species – cannabis indica, cannabis sativa, and cannabis ruderalis. Cannabis ruderalis is the cannabis strain which many people aren’t familiar with. Ruderalis seeds commonly grow in Eastern Europe and Asia and is a famous cannabis strain used in Russia. This cannabis strain grows and thrives well in cold climates.

Ruderalis doesn’t produce high THC content that most people crave for. This cannabis strain is known for growing often in the woods. However, more and more growers have discovered that they can cross cannabis ruderalis with either cannabis indica or sativa to create new strains with desirable qualities and effects.

However, you have so much more to learn about this plant and how you can use it to create new hybrid strains.

The Origin of Cannabis Ruderalis Seeds

Cannabis ruderalis is a cannabis strain native to Asia and some parts of Eastern Europe. It is also native to Russia wherein it is often more available. In Russia, cannabis ruderalis grows naturally in the forest. In botany, ruderalis is the term used for describing a plant that grows irrespective of the interference from people and other factors which may affect cultivation.

In the latest developments, this cannabis species has been mixed with other cannabis varieties to form new hybrid strains that make up for the lack of high THC content which this strain produces on itself. The term “ruderalis” comes from Latin which means rubbish.

The Properties Connected to Cannabis Ruderalis

Compared to other marijuana plants, cannabis ruderalis is recognized for being short and looking more like the stalk. Its height is often between one to two feet. Also, the leaves of a cannabis ruderalis plant are light green and small in size.

If cannabis sativa looks like a tree, indica looks like a short leafy bush while cannabis ruderalis looks like a tiny vegetable plant both in output and height. The buds harvested from the plant are typically small but on the plumper part, so ruderalis can still produce a good yield for anybody who looks to get more each time they harvest.

The flowering period is one thing where the cannabis ruderalis goes different from other species of cannabis. Many cannabis plants need to be cultivated in a way that will aid them to grow optimally to yield decently. In the case of cannabis ruderalis, this strain will grow and eventually flower between 21 to 30 days regardless of the light or growing condition. Therefore, you can grow cannabis ruderalis anywhere without any problem.

Cannabis Ruderalis and Its Effects

A lot of people may brush off the advantages of cannabis ruderalis as it doesn’t produce a good amount of THC unlike the cannabis sativa or indica. On the other hand, the plant’s hard nature and its capability to endure different climate conditions regardless of the situation mean cannabis ruderalis is suitable for crossbreeding. The strong genetics of ruderalis may help the more temperamental plants to develop the ability to withstand the cruel environment in the woods.

Through cross-breeding, growers will be more confident as they know their plants would have the tendency to endure different elements. They have nothing to worry about. They don’t need to watch over their plants to ensure they receive 10 to 12 hours of light and darkness.

The reality that cannabis ruderalis seeds will flower every 30 days is also a big benefit and a special reason for combining it with another strain with a better flavor but fussier when it comes to needs.

Uses of Ruderalis

Traditionally, people in Russia use cannabis ruderalis in getting relief for depression. Its low THC content means many people are not using it for any recreational purpose. Rather, they use it as a medicine for various diseases like cancer. It doesn’t have psychedelic effects that help in stimulating appetite and prevent nausea and vomiting. Cannabis ruderalis can be very helpful for patients who have undergone chemotherapy.

Famous Cannabis Ruderalis Strains

Some of the most famous strains of cannabis ruderalis include the ones with ruderalis, indica, and/or sativa genetics.  One of these is the Northern Light Auto, which is among the most popular autoflowering strains. This plant is 80% indica and 20% ruderalis.

Other cannabis strains that feature a combination of ruderalis, indica, and sativa (with less sativa percentage) include Sweet Skunk Automatic and Royal Bluematic. All of these strains have different flavors, but the result is not more than 60% indica, 10% sativa, and 39% ruderalis.

In the first glance, the cannabis ruderalis plant isn’t fancy. Also, it doesn’t contain a high amount of THC that other cannabis plants do. However, its superb ability to endure almost any type of weather and the natural autoflowering which takes place every 30 days nonetheless of the amount of light the plant receives will mean it gives a good blend when mixed with any other cannabis plants.

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