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What Users Love About Blue Dream Pot Seeds

Each marijuana strain has a different appeal to users due to the various effects that come with the difference in strain composition. Users seek different kinds of highs and preference for a particular strain arises from the kind of high a strain delivers. For some users, recreational effects are the desire while some seek medicinal properties in a strain. 

The popularity of a strain among growers depends on an array of qualities that the strain possesses. The ability to produce a high yield, resistance to disease and adaptability to different environments may be some of the factors a grower considers when choosing a strain. 

One of the most popular marijuana strains in recent years is a blue dream and this strain has gained popularity among users and growers alike. In 2015, Blue Dream was declared the most purchased strain. 

Blue Dream Strain

The strain is a Sativa dominant hybrid that is a cross between the Haze and Blueberry strains. Blue dream is 60% Sativa and 40% Indica and this composition give it a balance between the cerebral high common in Cannabis Sativa and the physical effects that are common in Cannabis Indica. 

Most Blue Dream samples have a THC content in the range of 15-25%. This makes the strain a good choice for recreational users while also giving a high that is not too strong for those who might now be used to potent marijuana. 

Here are some features that users love about this particular strain.


  • Easy To Grow and Easy To Find


Blue Dream is one of the most common marijuana strains and this is because it is easy to grow. It can be grown indoors or outdoors and this allows growers with different growing environments to grow the strain. The hybrid nature of it is what gives Blue Dream the ability to grow both indoors and outdoors.

Being a hybrid also means that Blue Dream is generally fairly resistant to mold and disease. Mold and disease are highly concerning for any grower as their presence could ruin an entire crop and the resistant nature of Blue Dream gives it an appeal to growers. The resistance also means that growers don’t have to spend much on pesticides and that’s always a bonus. 

Being a common strain, Blue Dream seeds are easy to find and they can be purchased from most dispensaries. The strain is also considered “open source cannabis” which means that it is available to anyone who wishes to grow it. Growers do not have to struggle to find blue dream seeds, unlike some strains which are limited and “belong” to specific individuals or organizations. 

Blue Dream seeds are all feminized and this gives them a huge advantage. A grower can be guaranteed that their entire crop will produce marijuana that can be put to use. 

Male marijuana plants do not carry any THC and the blue dream strain does not have any male seeds. This also means there is no risk of losing a crop to pollination. 


  • Health Benefits


The strain has a high terpene presence and these come with various health benefits. Some terpenes that are reportedly present in Blue Dream are myrcene and terpinolene which are known for their alleviation of pain and anxiety. 

The strain is also loved because of its ability to deal with menstrual pain, chronic and acute pain, migraines, depression, anxiety, and, in some patients, PTSD. This has made the blue dream a popular choice for administers and takers of medical marijuana. If taken in high quantities, it can induce sleepiness which makes it good for treating insomnia.


  • Balance and Versatility 


The 60-40 composition between Sativa Haze and Indica Blueberry gives Blue Dream a balance in the high it delivers. The balanced high allows the marijuana strain to have versatile use as it can be used for both recreational and medicinal purposes. 

Users have reported having a heightened sense of sounds and color after using Blue Dream and this makes it a great strain to use if one is participating in a social activity such as concerts. Some users also report having had a highly engaged and entertaining conversation after use and this makes users love the strain for social activity.

The versatility of it means that Blue Dream is also great for relaxation and nights in. Physically relaxing effects of the strain kick in slower than the cerebral effects of it and one can up the quantity they take to allow the physically relaxing effects to settle in. 


  • Taste and Smell


Although this may not be an important factor for some marijuana users, a lot of Blue Dream users love it due to its great taste and smell. It carries a sweet and distinctive blueberry flavor which sometimes manifests in grape-like a flavor. These hints are also present in its smell and it gives off the scent of a fruit which many users love. 

The Bottom Line 

The strain is easy to grow as it’s hybrid nature makes it resistant to common problems that growers face such as mold and disease. It is also easy to find and is considered open since which means any grower can purchase blue dream seeds and grow.

It also has good medicinal characteristics and can be used to treat different forms of pain, anxiety, and insomnia, among other ailments, through its physically relaxing characteristics. The balance between cerebral effects and physical ones makes Blue Dream versatile and users love this about it. It also is popular because of its good taste and smell which carry hints of blueberry and grape in some strain variations.

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