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What to Expect in Growing Cannabis Ruderalis

Have you ever heard about a type of cannabis known as Cannabis ruderalis? This is a type of strain that is unlike the usual Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. Ruderalis strains are the favorite of many growers and breeders because of its many impressive qualities. Whether you’re planning on growing a 100% Cannabis ruderalis seeds soon or you’re still thinking about whether to cultivate a ruderalis, here are ten unique things about this strain.



Cannabis ruderalis is a word that comes from ruderal which is a species that grows despite living with humans or being affected by natural disturbances.

In short, the ruderalis strain is not as delicate as you might think. These strains are survivors, perfect for growing in all kinds of environment. So whether you are located in the city or in the country or you want to grow cannabis indoors or outdoors, Cannabis ruderalis strains will continue to thrive wherever you may be.


  • Cannabis ruderalis may have descended to indica genetics


Experts in the study of cannabis strains say that Cannabis ruderalis descended from indica plants that have adjusted very well to the harsh environmental conditions of the northern regions. They say that this strain may have lived in the freezing areas of Russia and China where the climate is unforgivable.  

Cannabis ruderalis plants are believed to be natives of Asia, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe. The name ruderalis was used by botanists to classify the breed of hemp plants which have persevered from human and from cultivation. Therefore you can conclude that Cannabis ruderalis plants are stronger and more versatile compared to its indica and sativa siblings.


  • Cannabis ruderalis will grow only 1 to 2.5 feet tall


Sativas are tall and stately while indicas are barely three or four feet tall. Meet the Cannabis ruderalis which is just less than 2.5 feet tall! This strain has developed this small and compact structure to be able to adjust to its bitter cold environment. From where it has emerged, the sun is barely present and thus it was able to survive by developing a small body, tiny leaves and a compact size.

The small size of ruderalis strains makes these the ideal cannabis plant to grow stealthily indoors. The size is also perfect for people who have very little space to grow anything. People in apartment units, condos and garages can grow their own supply by growing a Cannabis ruderalis strain.


  • Cannabis ruderalis are strong plants


There’s no doubt about it, Cannabis ruderalis plants are very strong. According to growers who have mastered the skill of growing ruderalis strains agree that this plant is strong and it is seen in the plants’ stems and branches.

Although the plants are quite small and it can barely grow higher than 3 feet, the plant can resist the cold and high winds; this is a very common climate in the regions where the strain has originated from.

Also consider that the taller and the bigger they are, the harder they fall! Sativas are tall and lean but are vulnerable to high winds and strong rains. Meanwhile, ruderalis strains are small and will remain strong despite the pouring rain and high winds when grown indoors.


  • Cannabis ruderalis strains will flower early compared to indica and sativa strains


One of the best qualities of Cannabis ruderalis strains is that it will bloom quickly in just 7 to 9 weeks. Ruderalis strains can grow fast and bloom quickly, therefore, you may even grow twice or maybe even thrice a year when correct growing conditions are followed.


  • Cannabis ruderalis strains have very low amounts of THC


If you think that consuming cannabis ruderalis strains will make you high then think again. Cannabis ruderalis contains only a very small amount of THC this is why most seasoned growers prefer to use pure indica or pure sativa strains with high THC.

THC is the cannabinoid compound found in cannabis that is responsible for the usual high, psychoactive effects of weed. Ruderalis strains may have high CBD or low CBD depending on the strain. CBD is the therapeutic component of cannabis and is responsible for its medicinal effects.

When Cannabis ruderalis strains combine with a sativa or indica strain, you will get a hybrid strain with either recreational or medicinal qualities.


  • Cannabis ruderalis strains are combined with indica and sativa strains to create auto-flowering strains.


Cannabis ruderalis strains are usually mixed with indica and sativa genes to make autoflowering strains. It is likely that your favorite strain has an autoflowering counterpart. Growers and breeders do this to enhance the qualities of the indica and sativa strains. So aside from just being a recreational and medicinal strain, these plants also have the growing capabilities of auto strains.


  • Cannabis ruderalis don’t need a special kind of lighting schedule to flower


Ruderalis strains are a blessing for growers and breeders because they don’t need a special lighting schedule to flower. Compared to regular or photoperiod strains, plants that need a special 12 hour light and 12-hour darkness schedule, autos will flower according to its set schedule.

When a ruderalis strain is combined with a fast flowering indica then you can expect a hybrid strain with much faster flowering times usually up to 7 weeks. When ruderalis strains are mixed with a sativa that flowers longer, you may get a hybrid strain that can flower up to 9 weeks.

The right kind of lighting is needed by all kinds and strains of cannabis. Most growers and breeders prefer LED lighting to grow cannabis. This is because LED lamps burn brighter but won’t burn the tips of leaves and will also burn longer as well. LED bulbs may be more expensive than conventional lighting but no doubt that these will provide good value for your purchase.

LED lamps are available in different colors and intensities. You can purchase one online or from a local cannabis store near you.


  • Cannabis ruderalis will make perfect stealth plants


The size of Cannabis ruderalis plants makes it a good strain for growing plants secretly indoors or outdoors. If recreational or medicinal cannabis growing is prohibited in your area or country, it is likely that you are growing plants in secret. A Cannabis ruderalis plant will grow less than 3 feet and thus will be easier to hide.

An updated way to grow small plants is by cultivating these in small containers. A space bucket is a typical bucket that’s improvised as a stealth growing space. Growers use three or more buckets stacked on top of each other to create a tall growing space for plants.

A space bucket can be the home for two to three Cannabis ruderalis plants. The concept is simple with lights installed on the lid of the bucket while fans may be installed along the sides of the bucket to improve airflow.

A space bucket is just one of the ingenious ways to grow ruderalis plants. Other ways to grow cannabis stealthily include the use of grow cabinets, tents, and drawers.


  • Cannabis ruderalis seeds are one of the most expensive seeds.


Ruderalis seeds are very expensive. In Canadian and US seed banks, the most expensive products are cannabis ruderalis or autoflowering seeds while feminized seeds are second and the cheapest are regular or photoperiod seeds.

If you are looking for affordable Cannabis ruderalis strains, you must keep in mind the following techniques:

  • Review different seed banks to get the best ruderalis strain seeds. There are a number of good review sites online where you could start.


  • Ask for recommendations from people who have purchased Cannabis ruderalis before to get some hints. Take note of the method of payment, the delivery method and the type of products that the seed bank sells matters a lot.


  • Choose a seed bank with stealth delivery options so you can get your Cannabis ruderalis seeds safely and securely. Stealth delivery sends seeds to customers secretly by placing these inside items that are completely unrelated to cannabis. Stealth deliveries are more expensive but will guarantee that your shipment will arrive at the soonest and the safest way.


  • The type of payment method accepted is important. If you prefer credit cards then choose a seed bank that accepts these. If you want a PayPal seed bank then you will find this online. If you want cash on delivery method of payment then you might find only a few sites that offer this. A method of payment you are comfortable with is always better than a payment system that you are unsure about.


  • Any discounts and deals would be appreciated. Most online seed banks have special deals and discounts for loyal customers. Just some of the most common are free seeds, free deliveries and discounted prices for medical marijuana users, seniors, students or teachers. If a newsletter is offered, subscribe so you will get the latest deals and discounts for Cannabis ruderalis strains as these are released.

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