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What Growers Love about Dwarf AutoFlowering Cannabis

Auto-flowering marijuana strains are typically known to grow in shorter heights compared to the average marijuana plants. In this way, it is easier to handle and provides a stealthier approach in building up a marijuana farm. Generally speaking, there are variations of auto-flowering marijuana that are really small which comes from planting dwarf autoflowering cannabis seeds on either indoors or outdoors.

If you think that auto-flowering marijuana plants are already small enough to fit in in any space or even camouflage itself from the eyes of authorities then you are truly mistaken. There’s a variant that grows way smaller than the regular auto-flowering marijuana plant. It is known for most people as the dwarf auto-flowering cannabis strain.

This variant is one of the most preferred ones by several marijuana farmers for reasons that will be stated below. For some, it definitely changed the face of and progress of the marijuana farming industry. Let’s discover why people are going crazy over this one-of-a-kind auto-flowering marijuana variant.

Dwarf Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Dwarf auto-flowering cannabis poses a shorter seed to flower duration of about 6 to 8 weeks. Some of these dwarf-sized plants can grow to a maximum height of 70 cms tall which is beneficial for those farmers who seek stealth for their farm.

Another great thing about this type of marijuana seeds that the quality and most especially the THC and CBD levels are not sacrificed during the process of the shortened life cycle. But most of the time, it is considered as way better than the regular marijuana seeds you can get from the market or online stores.

Size does matter.

It is typically reasonable that a marijuana farmer is considering the size and height of its plant. In this day and age, it is important that you consider your safety and security as a weed farmer. It is better to obtain a quality marijuana plant that can hide from the eyes of authorities.

You’re in great luck in choosing a dwarf auto-flowering marijuana plant to be an addition to your weed farm. Its size is great for compact spaces and it can fit perfectly through limited areas on your house or even on your backyards.

A smaller sized marijuana plant means it is more manageable and it is easier to cultivate compared to larger ones. More attention is enticed with larger and taller plants that are why a lot of marijuana farmers prefer those plants that can grow only into a minimum height but doesn’t sacrifice that quality that most marijuana provides.

The amount of yield produced is not a problem.

Many may think that a small plant means a minimal amount of yield produced. Well, they’re actually wrong. Another thing that marijuana breeders liked about dwarf auto-flowering plants is its capability of producing high amounts of yield contrary to its size.

Just as what Jeremiah Wilhelm stated on his blog entry on auto-flowering cannabis plants: Auto-flowering cannabis plants are well-studied and engineered to provide a large number of yields despite its tiny structure.

An estimated 60 grams or more per plant or around 250 grams or more per square meter can be harvested which solely depends on the strain planted.

Marijuana cultivation and management is a breeze.

Beginner growers are very much welcome to try out dwarf auto-flowering plants or any other auto-flowering marijuana plants in particular. This type of marijuana plants doesn’t need much attention, unlike those hardcore strains that are common to a lot of marijuana farms.

Lighting schedules, which are quite meticulous and hard to keep up, are a thing of the past when it comes to this variant of marijuana. Compared to other marijuana plants, this one doesn’t mind if you forgot to shower it with sunlight or even left it with too much light. It can stand on its own and deliver that fruitful bounty without the hassle of keeping up with lighting patterns and such.

But be cautious! It doesn’t mean that lighting schedules are not much of a need with this kind of plant that you can allow it to be bathing with intense light. Just like any other plant, too much of light will cause its leaves and buds to burn out and scorched.

Just like the regular but better.

The fruit of every harvest coming from dwarf auto-flowering marijuana plants are remarkable in characteristics. Each harvested buds provides that most wanted high THC or high CBD levels that a lot of marijuana users are longing to have.

The flavor and aroma of these variants are enhanced and are more likable in nature compared to their regular counterparts. This means that you can forget that nasty taste or cringy scent that your favorite or needed marijuana strain contains.

Most of these types of cannabis are engineered to be better than the regular ones. Breeders picked the best quality of a specific strain and focused on building it up to be more manageable and interesting to meet people’s satisfaction and needs. This is why a lot of marijuana breeders venture to use dwarf auto-flowering marijuana plants rather than the regular ones.

It is readily available anywhere!

Yes, that’s right! A lot of online stores or physical marijuana shops have already some stocks of their very own variation of dwarf auto-flowering plants that are accessible to marijuana breeders.

Each shop has something to offer their clients which ranges from faster seed to flower growth up to higher THC, CBD, or better flavor and aroma. Most of these stores offer quality marijuana seeds that beginners and expert growers alike can benefit from.

You’ll Never Go Wrong with Dwarf Autoflowering Marijuana Plants

Deciding on picking out some dwarf autoflowering cannabis seeds will never be a wrong decision to make. It has been tested and approved by several marijuana breeders who have already tried cultivating this variant of marijuana. This is why the notion that the bigger is better is not applicable to this variant of marijuana plants.

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