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Top Rated Indoor Cannabis Plants Worldwide

Indoor cultivation opens the door for you to different kinds of marijuana that is incredibly hard to grow outdoors. This includes strains that take more than 10 months to flower or ones that are not suitable to the Canadian climate.

Space is the only limit to what you can grow in your indoor garden. With that in mind, there is an incredible selection of marijuana strains to produce in your home. If you are stuck with what to cultivate, we recommended a number of the best indoor cannabis plants that are great for their buds and growth characteristics.

Skunk XL

The first cannabis strain that is suitable for indoor cultivation is the Skunk XL. True to its name, this strain emits a powerful skunk aroma that many breeders love. However, others may not appreciate the smell and may even attract questionable look in the direction of the plant. By growing the plant indoors, you can keep the odor from reaching the street or neighboring houses.

The strain is suitable for indoor growth because of its short height of up to two meters only. The small size allows the Skunk XL to fit most type of grow room.

As you can expect from an indica dominant strain, Skunk XL hits you with a potent relaxant that soothes your body over time. However, the sedative takes its grip on your body and mind slowly. After smoking the Skunk XL, you will still have enough energy to do some light activity while feeling incredibly happy. You will soon feel incredibly sleepy as the high melts away. This will lead to a night of undisturbed sleep, making you feel energized the following morning.

Royal Cookies

The Royal Cookies thrives well in a warm climate, which makes it a challenge to grow in the cold Canadian climate. Fortunately, you have total control over the temperature of your grow room. You can give the Royal Cookies plant a suitable environment that allows them to produce an optimum yield at the end of its flowering period.

Being an indica dominant strain, the plant also only grow up to 1 meter per plant. The short stature of the Royal Cookies allows you to place them anywhere in your indoor garden. In addition, Royal Cookies has a very high yield rate when cultivated indoors than outdoors.

The Royal Cookies pack a powerful punch with its 23 percent THC levels. Smoking this cookie strain will make your face tingle as a wave of incredible bliss wash all over your body. In addition, Royal Cookies makes it sedative nature known right at the start of the high. The relaxant effect is part of the wave of bliss that starts from your head down to your toes.

Power Flower

The Power Flower is based on the classic South African Power Plant that was incredibly popular among Amsterdam coffee houses. Because of its genetics, the strain prefers tropical climates that are south of the equator. With the help of air conditioning, you can bring in the same climate to your indoor grow room to make your Power Flower plants thrive.

What makes the Power Flower plant for any indoor garden is its above-average yields. If you have a good grow light above the plants that emit 600W, the yield rates of indoor growth are the same as growing them outdoors. In addition, Power Flower has a short flowering period of only eight weeks. This lets you enjoy a potent sativa strain in a short time.

As you can expect from an offspring of the Power Plant, the strain hits you with a strong sativa high with its THC potency of 18 percent. The effect makes you very energetic and happy. This will make you want to tackle any mind-numbing work for a long time. The high makes way to a relaxing indica effect that soothes your body while keeping your mind engaged. In addition, Power Plant has a decent amount of CBD. A cannabinoid that is effective at relieving pain by smoothing out the rough edges of your nerves.

Amnesia Haze

Another Amsterdam coffee shop classic to consider is the Amnesia Haze. Much like the two previously mentioned strain, the plant thrives better in warm climates. This makes the strain suitable for indoor cultivation for any Canadian breeders because you can give Amnesia Haze plants a better environment in your grow room. Another reason why Amnesia haze is a challenge for outdoor cultivation is its long flowering period that can take up to 12 weeks. This is not a problem if you are cultivating the strain indoors.

While the Amnesia Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid, the plant height only grows up to four feet. Most of its branches grow horizontally instead of vertically, giving the plant a bushy shape instead of one that looks like a pine tree. The short height makes it fit in most grow room. Because of its long flowering period, the yield rate of the strain is incredibly high. You can get around two ounces per square foot of the cannabis plant if you cultivate it in the right environment.

Amnesia Haze has a notable sativa effect that leads to a cerebral experience.  After smoking the strain, you will have a sharp awareness of your surroundings and a clear focus on what is in front of you. You also feel very happy and relaxed throughout the Amnesia Haze’s high. The overall effect of the Amnesia Haze can help you crack down on tasks that you find hard to finish due to attention deficit disorders (ADD). Other benefits of the strain include a boost in appetite and libido drive.

Dance World

With a tropical origin, Dance World plants may find it hard to grow outdoors with the cold climate. It also needs a semi-humid surrounding for a healthy growth development. You can set the indoor temperatures and humidity rate to match that of Spain’s environment, where the strain came from.

Dance World is another sativa dominant strain with short plant height that grows only up to three feet tall. The branches of this strain also give the plant a bushy shape. However, the horizontally growing leaves may require trimming or low-stress training to allow every part of the plant to enjoy your grow light. In addition, the strain has an above average yield that can reach up to 16 ounces per plant. With a flowering period of around eight to nine weeks, the cumulative yield you can get from Dance World strain is noticeably high than other strains.

Dance World’s effect is incredibly trippy even with its CBD content. You will feel a strong cerebral buzz flow into your mind within an hour after smoking the strain. This buzz opens the door to your wildest imagination as various ideas swim across your head. The indica nature of Dance World is also in full effect at the onset of the high. You will feel calm and collected as you come up with new ideas for different things as time passes. Because of its CBD potency, Dance World makes for a great pain reliever.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream might be a controversial addition to the list of the best indoor cannabis plants because of its plant height. This should not be a problem if you apply low-stress training to the plant by shaping its leaves to give it a bushy shape. The application of the training will also result in better yields because of the multiple colas developing around the plant.

What makes Blue Dream a treat to cultivate is its incredibly high yield rate that can give you more than six ounces per square feet of a plant. In addition, the flowering period of the strain is around eight to nine weeks only. The two traits allow for a high cumulative yield per year when cultivating Blue Dream.

The THC potency of the Blue Dream is 26 percent, which is incredibly high than other strains on the list. The potency allows for a cerebral high that boost your creativity and energy levels while making your body relaxed. With a CBD potency of two percent, Blue Dream is also a good treatment for chronic pain or stress.


You should have an idea of which strain to cultivate with your indoor grow room. If you still cannot make up your mind, you can always ask a budtender which buds are worth growing indoors.

Being able to cultivate your own marijuana stash indoors can change the outlook in life if it has always been negative. Like Willie Nelson, a Texan musician who advocates the use of marijuana has said: “Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you will start having positive results.” If you keep working on taking care of your plants, they will reward you with something incredibly positive at the end.

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