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Top 10 Low Odour Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Most growers say the pungent and delicious smell of the growing buds is a great thing. But, if you don’t want your friendly neighbors to know your secret, the smell of cannabis will be your number one problem. There are ways to reduce and control the odor of cannabis in the grow room. But, choosing a low odor strain is a nice starting point. Luckily, there are several strains that will help you keep your secret. Here are the 10 low odour autoflowering cannabis seeds:

#1. Northern Lights

Northern Lights is an autoflowering strain that can produce good-looking buds in just 7 to 8 weeks. It is easy to grow, so it’s a good choice for a novice grower. Northern Lights has a spicy and earthy aroma with fruity undertones that will appear only when you smoke.

The smell of Northern Lights is more generic. It grows discreetly and yields sticky and resinous buds. Its THC content usually surpasses twenty percent, giving strong Indica effects that induce a full-body relaxation that will last longer.

#2. Jack Herer

Jack Herer is the Sativa-dominant marijuana strain which became popular due to its namesake. Jack Herer was a cannabis activist and the author of “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.” This strain is the cross between Shiva Skunk and Northern Lights #5. It has a pine, earthy, and woody aroma. Its flowering period takes 7 to 9 weeks.

#3. Blue Mystic

This earthy strain is the cross between Blueberry and Northern Lights. It inherited the Blueberry’s terpenes and flavonoids coupled with the sumptuous taste of Northern Lights.

Blue Mystic has fruity berry smell with notes of lavender is the divine accompaniment to the strain’s Indica high. Likewise, the strain’s fruity flavor help in hiding the classic marijuana stench throughout its flowering period that lasts from 8 to 10 weeks.

#4. Hash Bomb

Hash Bomb is a life-changing Indica-dominant strain. It became popular due to its physically couch-looking sensation and good THC content. Also, this strain has solid CBD levels.

You can grow it indoors and even outdoors. Its height will reach around 90 to 140 centimeters. Hash Bomb has a mild sweet hash aroma with spice.

Its terpenes will develop throughout the late part of the flowering period. The plant will take 6 to 8 weeks to grow and produce flowers.

#5. Master Kush

Master Kush is a famous Indica strain that came from various parts of the Hindu Kush area. This plant produces a delicate earthy and citrus aroma while growing. This mild scent has a note of incense which makes the aroma a vintage type in general.

This strain has the same taste with the popular hard-rubbed charas hash. It holds a terrific balance of whole-body relaxation with no mind-numbing effect which is common for most Indica strains. Instead, this strain delivers a sharpened sensory power that will help you do many things throughout the day. Master Kush takes 7 to 9 weeks to produce buds.

#6. Easy Bud

This one is the “pinnacle” of strains ideal for novice growers. It is very easy to grow and quick to flower. Its hardy genetics can tolerate the changing climate and harsh environmental elements.

Easy Bud can produce decent yields even for beginners, regardless of the growing technique used. It’s the cross between a Ruderalis strain and White Indica. It smells like lemon, so it is a good strain to grow indoors and even outdoors.

This autoflowering strain contains 12% THC, giving you a high that will be ideal for morning use. The strain’s Indica dominance results in the stoning physical feeling that is therapeutic and calming.

When grown indoors, this plant can grow from 50 to 60 cm tall and yield up to 325 grams per square meter.  Easy bud will flower within a short timeframe of 5 to 7 weeks.

#7. Royal Creamatic

Royal Creamatic is an all-around cannabis strain designed for indoor growing. It is a lovable strain with a discreet color and compact nature. Royal Creamatic comes with a sweet, sensational aroma that will help you keep your secret. This strain will delight your sense when you smoke.

This autoflowering strain takes 8 weeks to flower. Royal Creamatic is a high-yielding plant that can give you more when you treat it with love and utmost care.

#8. Quick One

Quick One gained popularity because of its rapid flowering time and delicate scent. The plant’s ruderalis genetics is the reason behind its short structure. Therefore, Quick One is manageable and discreet.

It rarely exceeds its standard height (75cm). Quick One takes 6 to 7 weeks only to finish flowering. If you want a resilient strain, you’ll never go wrong with this one. It can withstand cold temperatures. You will love its mild fruity scent.

#9. Royal Dwarf

Royal Dwarf is the cross between Skunk and a strain with ruderalis genetics. Its compact structure and size make the plant suitable for indoor growing. Royal Dwarf is an excellent strain for inconspicuous micro-growers as it can easily fit in a modified drawer or cabinet.

The buds of this plant are compact and dense. They contain 13% THC that leads to a mellow but pleasant high which will stone your body. The buds of Royal Dwarf taste like sweet citrus.

Royal Dwarf grows quickly and is ready for harvesting after 8 to 9 weeks. When grown indoors, the plant rarely exceeds 70cm in height. Thus, its yield when cultivated indoors is up to 200g/m2. If you grow it outdoors, the plant’s maximum height will be 90cm that can yield up to 80 grams per plant.

#10. Amnesia Haze Automatic

Amnesia Haze Automatic is the cross between Amnesia and a ruderalis strain. These two different strains created to a variant of Amnesia that can flower much quicker than the photoperiod variety. Amnesia Haze Automatic is strong for an auto, providing about 18 percent THC. Her taste profile mixes earthiness with tangy citrus.

This strain explodes from seeds to produce flowers in 8 weeks. Thus, it is suitable for an impatient grower. The plant can grow 100cm tall when you grow it indoors and yield high. Amnesia Haze Automatic can reach up to 120cm high and yield 180 grams per plant when cultivated outdoors.

What to Consider When Choosing Low Odour Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

According to GreenBudGuru.com, there are some things that one must consider when choosing a low odor strain.

Choose a Smaller Strain

Growing cannabis does not mean you should let your neighbors and friends know your secret. Thus, you must be meticulous when choosing a strain to grow. A smaller marijuana plant smells less than the bigger ones. Thus, when you need a completely discreet grow, it is best to choose an autoflowering strain that grows compact and short. Your best choices are the strains mentioned above. They offer faster flowering times, meaning you will never worry about their smell for a long time.

Every Strain Will Smell

No cannabis strain can’t produce a smell. Even the strains listed above will smell but not that strong. If you are anxious about their odor, you will be glad to know that there are ways to eliminate their smell for good.

How to Control the Stink of Your Cannabis?

Hiding the odor of your weed can be important to prevent anyone from discovering your secret. There are subtle growing setups which include carbon filters, though it is not the fool-proof way to keep your garden under wraps. This will depend on how much money and space you are willing to invest.

To prevent your neighbors from noticing the smell of your weed, vent your filtered exhausted air apart from their houses. Do it as much as possible. If you have only a few growing plants, you can use an empty gel jar to neutralize the smell for four to six weeks.

If you plan to grow cannabis in the comfort of your home, then be ready for the smell that can spread all over. This happens most likely when the plants started to flower. Taking care of your plants regularly will desensitize you to the odor. You will get used to it, and you may no longer notice the smell of cannabis on your hair and clothes.

Pay attention to your house every day by keeping it smelling clean and fresh. Keeping the entire grow room space well-ventilated will help in neutralizing of your plants and their buds.

Never try to cover the odor of your plants with another type of smell. If you do, it may create a more distracting smell. Just focus on providing proper ventilation for your strains.

The easiest way to avoid odor problems is to pick a strain that is naturally less pungent. Surprisingly, there is a wide variety of strains with mild fruity or earthy smell. However, these plants will still produce a smell that you can easily control by following the tips above.

The 10 low odour autoflowering cannabis seeds listed above don’t smell a lot, but their effects stay strong. They are not attention seekers. Instead, they seem to help you keep your entire operation safe from your talkative neighbors.

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