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Top 10 Fruity Marijuana Indica Strains

When you want to smoke weed and taste something sweet, your best choice will be the fruity marijuana Indica seeds for sale. These tasty strains will surely meet your cravings. From mango to strawberry to lemon, fruity strains provide a delightful selection of colors but deliver the earthy flavor and aroma that most cannabis lovers want.

Many fruity strains are popular due to the unique and excellent experience they bring. They are award-winners. In fact, many of them received recognition at popular marijuana events like the High Times Cannabis Cup.

How Do These Cannabis Strains Get Their Fruity Scent and Taste?

Some strains of cannabis have a sweet scent that is almost like real fruit. Many users love these fruity scents because they are pleasurable and easier to hide. Strains with a fruit-like aroma often offer a happy and uplifting high.

Likewise, these fruity strains rarely induce the anxious feeling associated with THC. At times, these delicious strains deliver a serious body relaxation that can induce couchlock. Many dominant terpenes present in their terpene composition are limonene and myrcene.


Myrcene is a terpene that is mostly present in mango and cannabis. Some cannabis experts believe that myrcene manages the cannabinoid uptake within the brain, which strengthens and lengthens the high. Myrcene also has anti-inflammatory properties. It also acts as a sedative and a muscle relaxant in higher doses. A strain with high amounts of myrcene typically offers robust body relaxation.


Limonene is the terpene related to citrus. The citrus-flavored marijuana strains may feature the happiest and most uplifting highs while having strong muscle relaxing qualities. Limonene comes with a wide array of applications, including skin treatments and weight loss. Limonene can also help in relieving the signs and symptoms of depression and anxiety while showing robust anti-inflammatory properties.

Other than limonene and myrcene, most terpenoids and terpenes are present in the fruit-flavored marijuana. A few of them include methyl-2-methyl valerate, decanal, and geraniol.

Top Fruity Marijuana Indica Seeds for Sale

Fruity cannabis strains are always great for parties. They can easily spice up things and make the event much sweeter and enjoyable for everyone. According to Cannabis.info, your best choices of fruity cannabis strains include the following:

1. Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream is one of those cannabis strains with high THC content. It promises to deliver a fast, intense, but uplifting mental high. Also, Tangerine Dream has a spicy and sweet citrus taste and aroma, which is one of the best so far.

If you want to a strain with a perfect mix of Sativa and Indica qualities, this one is your greatest choice. Tangerine Dream has the energy-boosting qualities of Sativa and the relaxing and calming powers of Indica. It is easy to grow Tangerine Dream, so it’s a good choice for both novices and experienced growers.

2. Somango

Somango is a flavorful and delicious Indica-dominant strain with a tropical and sweet aroma and taste. This strain is extremely delicious that it can make your mouth watery. Since Somango is Indica-dominant, it can provide a happy and uplifting buzz coupled with a hint of chili. The buds are dense, beautiful, and frosty. Somango may not be the easiest strain to cultivate, but the strain will eventually repay all your patience and perseverance in cultivating it.

Like other Indica-dominant strains, Somango can grow indoors and even outdoors. When grown outdoors, the plant will grow taller in a hot and sunny atmosphere. When you savor all those delightful cannabinoids and terpenes, you will be happy to see Somango in your little garden.

3. Karibbean Mango

Karibbean Mango is the Indica-dominant strain which will drift you off in a silent slumber. Between its tropical and mango taste and aroma, using this strain is its refuge. Be careful when you use Karibbean Mango in the morning. While it tastes so sweet, its relaxing effect can knock you down.

Growing this strain is quite difficult. Thus, Karibbean Mango is not a good choice for novice growers. With a good amount of THC, this plant can outgrow the coconut trees and produce dense flowers. Karibbean Mango can resist pests, so you don’t worry about the bugs around your garden.

4. Crystal Candy

Crystal Candy is an Indica-dominant strain with sweet melon and strawberry flavors and aromas. It tastes like real candies without the sugar rush. Instead, this fruity hybrid strain provides a balanced body and mental buzz. These effects will come in after your first toke and last for hours.

But you don’t need to be an expert to grow Crystal Candy. When grown indoors, this strain can yield more and more. But it tends to more massive when cultivated outdoors, especially when you sow it in big pots and garden beds.

5. Colombian Sweet

If sweet cannabis is your favorite, then you will surely love this citrus-flavored strain. It’s an Indica-dominant strain with Indica and Sativa effects. Aside from the relaxing and soothing sensation, Colombian Sweet can make you sociable and talkative.

When you grow it outdoors, the plant can yield more. Colombian Sweet tend not to be so impressive when grown indoors, but the flowers are dense, luscious, and healthy. Its flowering period is short since it is Indica-dominant.

6. Fat Banana

Fat Banana is the Indica-dominant strain that you must never take lightly. It is super-powerful as it packs a strong punch. Expert cannabis users will surely appreciate the body buzz and strong euphoric kick which the Fat Banana never fails to offer. Novice users may be unable to handle this extreme experience. Thus, they must continue using it with caution.

Fat Banana can also increase your appetite, so steer clear if you are on a diet. To reach its greatest potential, grow Fat Banana outdoors under warmer climates. You can also grow it indoors, but its yields will not be as big as they can be.

7. Blueberry

When it comes to strains with a fruity smell, Blueberry is the number one in the list. Without Blueberry, there is no Blue Cheese, no Blue Dream, and no Blue Cookies, or any other hybrid strain with Blueberry lineage.

Blueberry smells like blueberry, but some can match the uncanny resemblance of the original Blueberry to a heap of overripe blueberries picked directly from a twig.

8. Lavender

Lavender inherited the excellent qualities of Big Skunk Korean, Super Skunk, and Afghani Hawaiian. This strain is sometimes called Lavender Kush. It comes with dense flowers that have a spicy and floral aroma. It comes with a dark purple color at the ends of each leaf.

Lavender is a beautiful Indica strain which smells like real lavender. This sweet cannabis strain has sweet hints of rose, wildflower, and violet under the note of woody and earthy scent.

9. Pineapple Kush

Pineapple Kush is perhaps a cross between two popular strains. Many cannabis users think it’s the Pineapple Express because it also has the sweet taste of pineapple.

As an Indica-dominant strain, Pineapple Kush will surely offer you the best cerebral high. Its sweet taste is among the most adorable qualities of this strain. The taste is more on being sweet and tropical like real pineapples, though some users say it also comes with a hint of either vanilla or light mint. A few smokers say Pineapple Kush has notes of caramel on top of its tropical scent. But the fruity scent and taste of it are always strong and dominant.

10. Fruity Pebbles

Named after the sugar-sweet tasty cereal, Fruity Pebbles has an extraordinary taste of berry that will remind you of your childhood cereal. Fruity Pebbles is the cross between Green Ribbon, Grand Daddy Purple, Alien Kush, and Tahoe OG.

Thus, Fruity Pebbles has all the best Indica and Sativa qualities that let it deliver a perfect mix of happiness and euphoria. As an Indica-dominant hybrid with THC levels that often range from 17 to 26 percent, this strain can deliver a euphoric mental buzz followed by deep relaxation and couchlock.

Fruity Pebbles is good for smokers who deal with poor appetite. Thus, be sure you have something to eat on your table before you smoke because this strain can induce extreme hungriness. The next time you want something delicious that can make you feel relaxed for hours, don’t forget Fruity Pebbles.

How to Buy These Fruity Cannabis Seeds?

If you like these cannabis seeds and want to buy some, make sure your preferred seed bank is good. Gather more information about the company first. Find out how good their products are. Don’t forget to check the feedbacks of their previous customers because their opinions matter a lot. The most important is, your preferred seed company should be a licensed seller. If you live in Canada, finding one should not be a problem.

If you have friends or relatives who smoke weed, then you must talk to them first. Ask them where their seeds came from. These people will help you a lot in making the best buying decision. Keep in mind these things to get the best fruity marijuana Indica seeds for sale.

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