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Things to Expect in your First Dispensary Visit

Your first cannabis dispensary visit; you must be very excited! As most people who have never personally purchased cannabis and are looking for dispensaries near me, you must have a lot of questions about buying cannabis from a legit marijuana dispensary.

We are talking about walk-in shops where you can buy cannabis and come home with your purchases. Here are some things to take note of before you start your journey.

  • Age limit of using cannabis

Each country or place where cannabis is legal has their own age limit. In Canada, you can visit a seed bank or dispensary when you are 18 years old and above. In the US, you need to be at least 19 years and above. Some countries have higher age restrictions while some restrict cannabis purchase only to medicinal users. Take note that deliveries will also require you to be 18 and above.

  • Do you have an identification card?

You must have an identification card to present before you place your order. Usually, your name and other important information will be recorded and kept or logged in a cannabis dispensary. This will keep track of your purchases and will also provide you with better buying experience the next time you visit.

  • Are you looking for recreational or medicinal cannabis?

You will be asked what strain you would like to order so if you have not decided yet, you can start by telling the seed bank personnel that you need a recreational strain or a medicinal strain. Take note that medicinal strains are different from a recreational strain in such a way that the cannabinoid components are different.

  • Do you have a medical card or prescription?

If you have any of these, take it with you as you purchase from a dispensary. If you don’t have a prescription or a medical card to take cannabis, get one from your doctor. Only a medical professional that supports the use of medicinal cannabis will be able to provide you with the right prescription to use medicinal cannabis.

  • Do you want to grow your own cannabis?

If you want to cultivate your own weed and if you just can’t find what you need, you may do so by buying from a seed bank rather than a dispensary. From a seed bank, you will have access to all kinds of seeds and strains plus get to choose from regular seeds, feminized seeds, and autoflowering feminized seeds.

  • Do you live near a dispensary?

If you live remotely from a dispensary then it would be impossible to buy your seeds from one. Usually, cannabis dispensaries are located in urban areas, in cities, and in densely populated areas. If you are located remotely then you may simply order your seeds online.

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The appearance of the dispensaries

What do local dispensaries look like? Compared to shady shops, these are located in urban and populated areas and are easily located because of signage. You will easily see that this is a dispensary because the trademark cannabis sativa leaf can be seen from the window as well as the name of the dispensary. The accreditation of the company is also found or displayed in the store.

Inside, a waiting area is usually present. This waiting area has photos of the seeds that you wish to purchase as well as other information about how to place your order. You may even see bulletin boards and read flyers about medical or recreational cannabis.

Security personnel may be inside the room just to maintain orderliness. The receptionist will call you to another room to place your orders. You will then be asked for your age, identification number and if you have a prescription or a medical card.

This is the best time to ask for any question or to talk about growing cannabis because the representative will gladly help you out.

How to place your orders and pay for your purchases

Placing your orders in a dispensary is done in a discrete way. Once your name is called by the representative, you may now select your orders. You will need to indicate the amount of cannabis you wish to purchase. After you are done, you may now pay for your purchases.

Paying for your purchases is easy and usually, you can pay using cash or credit card. In the US, only cash payments are accepted which is why you will find ATMs inside the dispensary where you can withdraw money to pay for your purchases.

Placing your orders is so easy and done in a straightforward manner. But what happens if you are still unsure as to what strain you wish to order?

Some high tech dispensaries employ unique tools to help you look for the exact strains you want to purchase. These tools may come as an app where you can choose the strain depending on some factors. The app will then reveal what strain will suit you best after you are done answering some easy questions.

There are dispensaries that offer some kind of tool that lets you smell the cannabis first before you place your order. This tool recognizes the role of terpenes in cannabis which are needed to establish the smell and aroma of the weed.

Terpenes will tell you if the strain has a lemony, skunk, diesel, fruity, tropical or berry scent. Terpenes are natural components of cannabis, as natural as THC, the psychoactive component and CBD, the therapeutic component.

Once you have identified which strain has the best smell or aroma for you then you may now order and pay for your purchases.

Your purchases are found inside breeder’s packaging. These are thick packaging made of special material that will maintain the freshness of your weed. The packaging has information about the strain inside. It has the name of the strain, the name of the breeder, the date it was harvested, the amount of THC, CBD, THA and CBN as well as the terpene profile. Special notes about the type of strain can also be found as if the strain is a sativa or an indica and if this is a hybrid strain. You may also find information about the type of high, the medicinal effects and any negative effects.

If you were to buy cannabis seeds, these will also be inside breeder’s packaging as well. On the label, you will find the name of the strain, the name of the breeder and the date the seeds were harvested. Other information may also be included to help you grow your seeds. It may have the type of strain (indica, sativa, high CBD or high THC, medicinal or recreational) and so many more.

Checking out

Now you have paid for your purchases, you may now take these home. As you can see, you don’t need to wait for any orders from the mail nor pay for any shipping fees and delivery fees. You will be able to quickly take your purchases home and consume them.

Ordering from a medical dispensary

In some countries, a medicinal dispensary for medical cannabis is different compared to recreational cannabis. The two are different in such a way that orders that are carried out in medical dispensaries require a prescription or a medical card. Your age will also be verified by asking an identification card but a prescription and a medical card are primary requirements.

Because most of the patients are not up to ordering or may not be available to personally purchase cannabis for medicinal use, they may assign a representative to help them. These representatives could be a family member, a close friend or a caregiver and he will bear a letter of authorization and may need to present an identification card as well. He must be at least 18 years of age to purchase.

The purchase of medical strains is accomplished by presenting your prescription and cards to the representative. He or she will call you to a processing room and help you with your order. He will not just give you your purchases and ask for payment, he will gladly explain your prescription, entertain questions and give you information about the strain you will be taking.

Payments accepted at these dispensaries are cash and credit card payments. Deliveries are also possible when you order from the seed bank’s official website. You will need to present identification when you order online and if you are unable to receive your orders, you must assign a family member or a friend that is 18 years old and above.

The quality of medicinal strains is known to be higher compared to regular cannabis. This is considering the tedious research and processing used to make medical strains. And usually, medical cannabis products are not just available in dried weed or concentrate form. You can also purchase edibles, oils, sprays, creams and tablets or capsules.

You may always ask questions regarding medical cannabis. A health professional may be present in a medical dispensary to answer questions about medical marijuana use.

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