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Pure Ruderalis Strains: Are there Any?

Growing cannabis gives you a world of choices.  There are hundreds of strains available in the market from relaxing indicas to stately sativas. But have you ever wondered if you can grow Cannabis ruderalis strains specifically pure ruderalis seeds?

But is there really such a thing as pure ruderalis? Can you grow pure ruderalis strains at home or is this an impossible idea?

What are the Characteristics of pure Cannabis Ruderalis?

Pure ruderalis exists and it is commonly used to create auto-flowering cannabis.  It is not used for making concentrates, oils or dried buds but only used for breeding. These plants come with the classic features of auto-flowering cannabis and are used to come up with autoflowering counterparts of the seeds that we know and love today.

Ruderalis hybrids will pass autoflowering traits to their hybrid children. The results when you combine a ruderalis with a sativa or an indica is a hybrid strain which will have autoflowering traits.

The hybrid strain will flower without using any kind of special lighting condition. Growers and breeders place regular plants under a 12 hr. light and 12 hr. darkness schedule to stimulate flowering.

The hybrid strain will bloom quickly at 7 to 9 weeks. With this very short life spans, Cannabis ruderalis may be grown twice or even thrice a year and thus increasing your yields even more.

These plants have very small structures and therefore are perfect to grow stealthily indoors or outdoors. Finally, Cannabis ruderalis will be able to pass on their autoflowering traits to their children only by using seeds, not by cuttings.

Characteristics of Pure Ruderalis Strains

Pure cannabis seeds have specific characteristics. A pure Cannabis ruderalis is a plant has a single stem and this means that it will grow only a single cola. The difference is very noticeable since Cannabis sativas and indicas have branches where multiple colas grow.

Cannabis ruderalis plants will flower without the need for a specific lighting schedule. It will bloom no matter how much light and darkness the plant gets. This strain is pure and once it is bred with a Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica strain, the auto-flowering trait will never be suppressed.

When it comes to yields, cannabis ruderalis grows only small colas. This is one of the reasons why  Cannabis ruderalis is cultivated only for breeding and not because of the amount of yield the plant gives.

What is the History of Ruderalis Strains?

There are many versions of how Cannabis ruderalis began. Some growers say that this strain originated from the frozen parts of China and Russia. The ruderalis plant is said to have survived the frozen climate by staying small and growing only small plant parts. The small and compact size of the plant has made it easier to adapt to the environment where there was very little sunlight.

Cannabis ruderalis plants are very durable and in fact were indestructible despite strong, cold winds, lack of water and very little sunshine. People who have found the ruderalis decided to use it to create autoflowering species of regular plants.

Another version of how Cannabis ruderalis came to be was that these plants were actually indica from Western Australia.  These plants were called ruderals or ruderalis because these can flower quickly and grow large colas.

Where to Buy Pure Ruderalis Seeds?

Now that you know that pure ruderalis strains exist, you may have wondered where you can buy these? Just like any other cannabis seeds, you will be able to buy Cannabis ruderalis seeds from various online seed banks and also from local seed banks and dispensaries.

However, it is not as easy as you may think. You won’t be able to buy pure ruderalis strains as easy as buying regular seeds. This is because these strains are very hard to find. Most of the time these are purchased from special seed banks and dispensaries with only a few products to sell. Buying pure ruderalis strains is also very expensive and it could be one of the most expensive seeds in an online seed bank shop.

Countries where cannabis buying and use is legal

If you live in a country where cannabis growing is legal you can buy high-quality Cannabis ruderalis seeds from local seed banks. In a country like Canada, you can purchase seeds along with legal weed and accessories from dispensaries and seed banks. From these places, you can walk inside as long as you meet the age of requirements with is 19 years of age.

To buy from these dispensaries, you must carry an ID card. You will be asked for your age when you enter the shop and when you make your purchase or pay for your purchase.  

In Canada, a legal dispensary is assigned to every province. This makes sure that quality is placed above all. But what about people who live very far from a local seed bank or dispensary? For people who live remotely, the government has permitted legal online seed banks and dispensaries instead.

Buying pure ruderalis seeds from an online seed bank

The easiest and the most efficient way to buy Cannabis ruderalis is from an online seed bank. As mentioned, it is quite hard to find seed banks that offer pure ruderalis strains, but once you find a seed bank, you’ll surely be able to find the strain you need.

Many agree that buying ruderalis strains online is better because you will not be limited to the type of seeds that you can purchase. You will not be limited to the regular seeds that you’ll find from a local seed bank. There’s no need to wait in line as well.

How to make buying Cannabis ruderalis seeds easier


  • Select an online seed bank


The seed bank that you chose must ship seeds to your area or country. Usually, this is indicated on the first page or home page of the site but if not, check under the FAQ or terms and conditions of the company.


  • Remember to check the product pages of the site for different ruderalis strains


Check the home page and the products page to locate the best pure ruderalis strain.

Once you are satisfied with your choice, add the items to your shopping cart. Some seed banks will deliver seeds inside breeders packaging with packs containing 3, 5, 10 and so on. However, if you prefer secret or stealth shipment the seeds will be removed from the packaging and placed inside gift items or anything that is completely unrelated to cannabis use.


  • Always  recheck your delivery address


First of all, create an account to start paying for your seeds. Fill out all important information such as your full name, birthday, address and some information about how your marijuana use. This is often perceived as a personal matter but is asked by the seed bank to provide the best products for you.


Always recheck your delivery address. This should be complete and correct so that your orders will get to you.


  • Choose special delivery or stealth delivery


Remember that pure cannabis seeds are very delicate and therefore you must choose special or stealth delivery so you can guarantee that these will be delivered safely. Be sure to verify your order and choose the best delivery method.


In most online seed banks, you can choose regular shipment, special shipment, and stealth shipment.  The cost of shipment may vary depending on where you are located.


  • Choose the ideal payment method


Select the ideal payment method or the one you’re comfortable with using. This should be a trusted payment method than something that’s not available from your area or a payment option that you are using for the first time.


Usually, online seed banks accept credit cards, bank transfers, debit cards, and even PayPal.  There are seed banks that accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. Cash is also accepted but usually, this is the least option that consumers use.  


If you find a seed bank that asks for wired money before your orders are processed, never send any money or payment. There are so many scam sites out to get your money and information so you must beware.  


  • Check the details of your order from your email


Pure Cannabis ruderalis seeds and plants are very precious, therefore you need to confirm that your order has been sent. A confirmation message will be sent to you through email. From the message, you’ll find information as to when the seeds will arrive as well as the total cost of your order and a special tracking number.


A tracking number lets you track your orders online. And, reputable seed companies will have their contact information in the email so that customers can call or email them in case of any concerns or changes with their orders.


If you have questions about your order or if you wish to return it, you can also contact seed bank for your returns.

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