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Pure Indica Marijuana: Are they for Real?

Pure indica cannabis strains are exactly the opposite of cannabis sativa strains. These plants became popular due to their fat leaves and a short flowering period. Cannabis indica plants are also small as their height is often below 6 feet high. Such things are making pure indica seeds for sale high in demand.

Indica plants, especially the pure ones, have the most pain-killing, relaxing, and sedating effects. Patients use pure indica strains for chronic pain and insomnia early in the evening as they produce a power cloudy kind of high. The strong painkilling and sedating qualities of these cannabis strains are truly beneficial for most patients.

As a form of medical marijuana, pure indica strains can:

  • Ease your mind
  • Relax your muscles
  • Decrease nausea
  • Increase your appetite
  • Reduce acute pain
  • Produce more dopamine, a neurotransmitter that controls the “reward-and-pleasure parts of your brain. “

History of Pure Cannabis Indica Strains

Cannabis indica became known by mankind when Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, a French naturalist, introduced it in 1785. He constructed his description of this cannabis species that originated in India.

In 1783, Lamarck encountered a kind of cannabis that was physically different from the cannabis sativa that Linnaeus had introduced. Cannabis indica came from the environmentally hostile Hindu Kush mountains in the Middle East. Some strains originated in Northern India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and some regions from the Near East and Eastern Europe.

Those strains with pure indica genetics came from the Karakorum or Himalaya region. There were natives of this region who traveled to Asia and brought these strains to the West between the ’60s and ’70s. They navigated from place to place and met people who locally grew sativa seeds. Many of these places where the widely available pure indica seeds for sale came from are extremely isolated regions. Thus, growers can breed and keep the purity of every genetic line. This way, they can find strong alterations between the genotypes cultivated in two valleys in just one region.

Thanks to those travelers who brought indica seeds to the West. Breeders got the chance to use their genetic features in making sativa strains more suitable for indoor cultivation.

The Appearance of Indica Cannabis Strains

Indica cannabis plants are shorter than sativa plants. Their height is often between 3 to 4 feet high while sativa strains can grow up to 6 feet tall or higher. Cannabis indica plants have dense branches and wider and broad leaves. The forest green leaves of these cannabis plants are much darker than the leaves of sativa plants. This is due to the higher concentration of chlorophyll in them.

Indica plants, especially the pure ones are ideal for indoor cultivation for some reasons:

  • These plants are compact
  • They have short internodal spaces
  • Their leaves are thick
  • They are easy to manage, considering their height and short flowering period.

Cultivating Pure Indica Strains

Those interesting features of indica plants make them a perfect choice for indoor and even outdoor cultivation. If you choose to grow them indoors, they’ll stay short and compact that makes them ideal for the popular SOG method. These plants do not grow much. Despite their size, they have few but strong side branches. They also have a main stalk responsible for providing much of your yields.

Their flowering time is quick. Therefore, indica strains are great for novice growers, considering their short flowering time. It lets them harvest their buds before diseases and pests attack them.

If you choose to cultivate indica cannabis plants outdoors, the potential advantages you may enjoy are almost the same with what you can have in growing them indoors. Whether you grow them indoors or outdoors, pure indica strains will stay compact and short. They are perfect for terrace crops.

Likewise, their short flowering time that is usually between mid-September and early October enables any grower to harvest the plants before the autumn season begins. While cannabis indica strains are typically strong and resistant to pests and insects, they can be prone to mold attacks because of their compact buds. The fungus may attack the buds during rainfalls and when the humidity level is higher than the usual.

These days, almost each cannabis strain available in the market has indica genetics. Breeders use these genetics to shorten the flowering period and size of indomitable pure sativa strains or those strains that take several weeks to flower.

Taste of Pure Indica Cannabis Strains

When it comes to the organoleptic features of cannabis indica strains, they are usually of the reduced quality compared to sativa plants. However, there are some indica plants that are incredibly delicious. Some indica plants have a deliciously sweet and fruity aroma while others have a spicy, earthy, or musky note. Traditionally, people have been using cannabis indica strains in producing hashish due to their resin production. Cannabis indica strains tend to have a great resin production when grown in their place of origin.

The Buds of Cannabis Indica Plants

The buds of indica plants are also dense due to their blossoms that tend to stick near the nodes along the stalk during the flowering stage. Due to that, the buds of indica plants look jam-packed and feel steadier when you hold them.

Pure indica cannabis strains tend to be purple in color because they survive in colder climates. With that, they are more likely to be in a beautiful purple hue. Therefore, those purple strains available in the markets today are indica-dominant, but sativa plants can also become purple when cultivated in areas with colder climates.

The Effects of Pure Cannabis Indica Strains

Pure indica strains became popular due to their magical effects. Unlike the sativa strains that offer uplifting and energizing effects, indica strains in their purest form provide very relaxing and sedating effects. That means if sativa strains make you alive and focused, indica strains do the opposite. Therefore, indica strains are better to use in early in the evening or before bedtime.

A lot of people look for pure indica strains to experience intense bodily effects like loosened limbs and relaxed muscles. Just a few tokes are enough to feel a quick relaxing sensation that will make you lazy for hours. This relaxing feeling will get you locked on the couch for a long time.

Cannabis users often associate indica strains with what they believe is a “high”. They say it’s when a person has heightened physical senses while listening to songs, eating, and touching various textures. In terms of effect, many cannabis indica plants induce a narcotic and sedative effect, a typical “stoned” sensation.

However, you should avoid this relaxing feeling at all cost if you have something to do where you need to concentrate like driving and operating a heavy machine. Some cannabis strains do have a strong and almost quick effect. Therefore, anyone will be sleepy with just a few tokes. Both the resin concentrations and buds of cannabis indica plants are effective in relieving different medical conditions. You can use them for pain, stress, eating disorders, insomnia, and anxiety.

Aside from the stoned feeling, you may also experience extreme hunger after having a few tokes of your preferred cannabis indica strain. Therefore, be sure to prepare your favorite snack before taking your first toke.

Pure indica strains are better to use at night or when you don’t have a very important activity to do for the day. Indica strains work like sleeping pills. They can help a lot if you can’t sleep due to pain. It induces a very soothing sensation that takes away the pain while the relaxing feeling will help one get rid of anxiety.

These reactions of pure cannabis strains are all because of the terpene called myrcene. It is also the one responsible for the earthy aroma of indica strains. Aside from myrcene, indica strains also contain another terpene called linalool. Some experts believe linalool is effective in relieving anxiety.

Aside from terpenes, pure indica strains are also rich in cannabinoids. Wikipedia.org said cannabis indica strains produce a huge amount of a cannabinoid called THC.

Buy Pure Indica Seeds for Sale

Like sativa genetics, the market also offers a few strains with pure indica genetics. These strains have genotypes which are never outbred and crossed with any other genetics. These cannabis strains are offspring of two indica landraces or purebreds that show 100 percent indica traits coming from the parent plants.

If you plan to buy pure indica seeds, your best choices will be:

  • Afghani #1 bred by Sensi Seeds
  • Pakistan Chitral Kush bred by Cannabiogen

When it comes to indica hybrid strains, you can also find something like Master Kush, the offspring of two Kush strains produced by Dutch Passion. You can also try Northern Lights from Sensi Seeds.

Whatever you choose, you can expect the same effects each time you smoke. Indica-dominant strains can also produce a stoned feeling with a mix of some sativa effects. However, if you crave for a more intense relaxing feeling, your best option will be the pure indica strains. You may like Ketama or the Hindu Kush.

Why not plant your own cannabis starting today? Pure indica seeds are widely available in different seed companies online. Look for a trusted seller to have high-quality cannabis seeds that you can grow in the comfort of your home.

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