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Las Vegas Weed Guide: Tips and Tricks for Potheads Who are Visiting Las Vegas

One of the many cities in the United States that currently enjoy legal weed is Las Vegas. If you are headed to Sin City and you are looking forward to a night of fun coupled with a satisfying high then you must check out this Las Vegas weed guide before you head to a local cannabis store.

Las Vegas is a paradise for gamers, fun-loving and open-minded people. Nevada has approved the use of medicinal cannabis way back in 2000 and full legalization of cannabis was approved in 2016. The Nevada Legalization Initiative contains all the things you need to know about visiting Las Vegas and enjoying a good high.

Basic marijuana possession in Las Vegas

You can consume and buy cannabis in Las Vegas as long as you are 21 years old or older. You can keep up to an ounce of marijuana for personal use. If you are using cannabis concentrates or hash, the allowable amount is up to 3.5 grams on a single person.

People who are 21 years and older are allowed to carry marijuana smoking and consumption paraphernalia.

For medical marijuana users, you must have a valid medical marijuana card and be at least 18 years of age to purchase medical marijuana in the state.

Where to smoke cannabis in the city?

The only place to smoke and consume cannabis is inside a private property. You cannot smoke cannabis in public, inside a vehicle or on federal land. If you smoked cannabis on any of these locations, you may be fined or suffer jail time.

You cannot smoke cannabis in your hotel room or on the Vegas Strip; this is not a private residence. If you want to find marijuana-friendly hotels and lodging in Las Vegas, check out the Las Vegas tourism site. You may also confirm this when you book a room or upon checking in. You cannot smoke cannabis in a casino.

If you are found violating Nevada State cannabis consumption laws, you may be charged with a misdemeanor but you may still face up to six months’ jail time, a fine of $1,000 and/or possible community service.

Driving and marijuana in Las Vegas

You are not permitted to drive while under the influence of cannabis. You may be fined, suffer possible jail time or may be asked to do community service. You can transport cannabis inside your car while you are in the state of Nevada. This is as long as your marijuana is inside an air-tight container which is not accessible by your passengers. The best place to store cannabis while on transit is inside your trunk.

You cannot transport cannabis across state lines. This is illegal and if you were caught you can be charged and arrested.

Driving under the influence of cannabis means that the drug has impaired your ability to drive or operate a motor vehicle. It may also mean that your blood has 2 nanograms per liter ml of cannabis or 5 nanograms of cannabis metabolite.

How to check the sights while keeping a clear-headed high

Therefore if you want to tour Las Vegas and savor delicious weed offered in the city, don’t drive. There are many ways to get around. You can take a taxi or rent a private car with a driver. If you want to check cannabis from different dispensaries, you can join a dispensary tour.

Tours are offered daily and are led by experienced and professional tour guides. Tours are available in small groups or you may request a private tour guide instead.

Can you give and receive marijuana from a friend?

Yes, you can give and receive marijuana from a friend. The allowable amount is as much as ½ ounce of concentrates or an ounce of the flower. However, you are not allowed to pay the amount of weed back or is your friend allowed to pay you.

If payment is accepted for any marijuana then this is now a sales transaction. This transaction is outside a dispensary, therefore, this is considered illegal. You may be charged and suffer serious jail time and penalties.

Minors and consuming cannabis

If you are under 21 years of age and you want to buy cannabis products then you are committing a misdemeanor. A minor visiting a cannabis store or found loitering in the area may get up to $500 fine.

If you are under 21 years of age and need medical marijuana then you must have a medical marijuana card from your home state before visiting Las Vegas.

Applying for a medical marijuana card in Las Vegas

To apply for a medical marijuana card in Las Vegas, fill out a request and mail this request to the Division of Public and Behavioral Health with a $25 money order. You may also send a check payable to the same division.

You also need approval from a doctor licensed in Nevada. For local doctors in your area, visit the Nevada Department of Health website to find a complete list.

If you need to take medical marijuana for a health condition then you can apply for a medical marijuana card even if you are not from Nevada. There are some qualifications and you must meet all of these to receive your medical marijuana card.

A visitor should have a current and valid medical marijuana card from your own state. Your home state should apply an exemption for valid medical marijuana use prosecution. This is compared to the medical marijuana card for residents of Washington State.

Your state should maintain an updated medical marijuana card database which may be accessed by Nevada state authorities. This is necessary so that your medical marijuana card validity may be checked.

Keeping cannabis safe from kids and pets

Laws on marijuana consumption and selling have been enforced to protect children and the youth. As you may have noticed, Las Vegas is no longer just a place to gamble and to watch entertainment. It is now offering family-themed parks, shows, and amusement centers.

Kids should be protected against cannabis especially when there are cannabis forms like edibles which look like delicious snacks. Marijuana edibles like candies, chocolates, brownies, and cookies are being sold openly. Children are at risk of consuming these edibles if their parents are not responsible enough to store them safely.

  • Keep your cannabis products in your hotel-room secure. Use the safety deposit box inside your hotel room and set the lock at random. Make sure that the lock code is safe and no one knows this other than you. If there is no safety deposit box inside your hotel room, ask the concierge for one.
  • Aside from using a safety deposit box, your cannabis products should be placed inside a child-resistant package. You can choose from a wide range of containers as well as bags that children may find hard to open. You may also use a high cabinet to keep your containers safe inside your room.
  • As much as possible, buy only the cannabis product that you need or what you can consume for the day. If you must travel with cannabis products, keep all of these in your person to prevent your kids or teenagers from consuming anything.
  • Use the Nevada Government informational resource for parents. This will show you how to talk to your child regarding the use of drugs and alcohol. The government understands that it is very difficult to do this especially when you have vulnerable children present.


Planning a trip to Las Vegas

As much as possible, plan ahead. Use a travel agency to get the best deals on hotels, flights and special tours for cannabis shops in the city.

You may also find help online. Tours, trips and special cannabis shows and contests happen year after year and you can find information about these events.

The High Times Cannabis Cup 2019 is set for March 2019. As of press time, the dates are still unconfirmed while the venue is yet to be announced as well. Previously this was held at the Moapa Paiute Travel Plaza in Las Vegas so you can bet that this year’s venue could be somewhere close by.

The High Times Cannabis Cup is a traveling event to celebrate weed that has originated in Amsterdam. There will be all kinds of events related to cannabis including live music, seminars, parties and booths that sell everything related to cannabis.

If you want to set a date for this event, be sure to be there when the winners will be announced. Trophies will be awarded for the top strains and the best products in different categories.

Remember to get tickets for this event, to prepare hotels near the event venue or venues and to secure licenses and medical cards as early as today. If you are heading to Las Vegas in an RV or camper, you must look for a good area to park near the venue as well as the presence of cannabis stores near the area.

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