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Is it Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

It’s now becoming easy to “puff, puff, pass” these days as many states and provinces legalize the use, growth, distribution, and selling of recreational marijuana. However, there are still many cannabis users who ask, “Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds online?” Consumers aren’t just concerned about hitting joints but they might also wonder where to buy the seeds to their favorite strains for private growing.

Cannabis users and growers such as yourself are now scaling the legal landscape for answers to their burning questions. There are still areas wherein the act of germinating and buying cannabis seeds attracts the attention of law enforcement individuals. Each country takes the topic of consuming and growing marijuana to the hands of their government. However, it is legal to purchase cannabis seeds as long as there’s no hard evidence that you intend to grow them for private or commercial reasons.

Basic Principles Surrounding Cannabis Seed Buying Rules and Restrictions

Before we proceed, keep in mind that the contents found in this page shouldn’t be taken as proper legal advice. With that being said, the cannabis legal landscape continues to change as governments continue to peek into the lives of recreational marijuana users. Buyers of cannabis seeds now see themselves within the same vein as growers and consumers.

In principle, it’s not illegal to buy cannabis seeds online but it still depends on your government. Before clicking that “Checkout” button, ensure that you won’t get into any legal trouble when your local post office finds out you’ve just ordered cannabis seeds from an online retailer. There are, however, some areas in the world that won’t pay too much heed to your packages even if they contain seeds for growing weed.

For instance, many European countries won’t mind if you buy seeds from an online retailer found in a foreign location. You can even ship the package directly to your home. This thin line between legal and illegal trade allowed some people to start opening up physical and online seed shops. Since actions to confront cannabis growers and users fall into the hands of the law enforcing bodies, many seed store owners now operate within a gray line between legal and illegal activity.

Are cannabis seeds only used for growing recreational marijuana? Aside from growing marijuana flowers, these seeds are rich in amino acids and proteins. Some users may even want to consume the seeds directly as it makes for a healthy snack. Aside from eating the seeds, you can also use them for additives, fishing bait, luxury bird food, or even as souvenirs.

Different Countries Call for Varying Rules

Any product that enters a country will then be subjected by that country’s laws. Hence, one country may find it legal to engage in online trade without paying heed to packages but it might be a different story to another location. It’s with this notion that you should always check with your government before ordering anything online, cannabis seeds or otherwise. We can shed light on some answers as we’re about to give you some information regarding the online purchase of cannabis seeds in some locations.


People living in the USA are at the mercy of the legislation of their states. All cannabis seeds are prohibited under federal law for every state in the country. However, there are now many states within the US that authorize the use of recreational and medical marijuana use. Still, rules surrounding the purchase and growth of cannabis seeds still vary per state. Once again, always check the technicalities of buying cannabis seeds online at a local level.

South America

Many cannabis seed buyers and growers find South America to be a melting pot of legislation. New users and gardeners may find themselves scratching their heads in confusion as different South American locations have mixed rules and restrictions regarding the subject of cannabis seeds. For instance, some South American countries like Brazil are halfway between total prohibition and legalization for the growth, purchase, and use of marijuana.

However, there are some countries like Uruguay legalized cannabis to help stop illegal trafficking of the controlled substance. In principle, cannabis seeds are legal in South America as many Latin American locations are members of the Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.

United Kingdom

Cannabis sellers are free to do what they please with cannabis seeds while in the UK. Any act of purchasing, distribution, or trading of cannabis seeds is legal in this sovereign state. However, germinating the seeds is still the biggest legal issue in this area. Anyone found growing marijuana in either private or public locations is subjected to prosecution.

Simply put, the act of growing cannabis in the UK is illegal. Furthermore, potential buyers of cannabis seeds should buy their products from reputable sources while having no discussion about cultivation. Otherwise, saying that you plan on growing the seeds will be constituted as buying “with intent.” If the act of purchasing the cannabis seeds is done this way, then it will make the activity illegal.


Like other countries in the world, Germany also holds complicated positions regarding cannabis seeds. Look into the rules binding cannabis seeds and you’ll see the products don’t fall under the German Narcotics Act. Hence, it should make it a legal activity to buy the seeds from an online source. However, the Western European country prohibits the sale of cannabis seeds throughout the entire region. In fact, it’s the only country in Europe to have completely banned cannabis seed sale and distribution.

As a consumer, where does this act leave you? Since Germany is part of the EU, the country still applies the principle of free movement of goods. Hence, ordering cannabis seeds online and having the products shipped to a German address is still permitted. Individuals who do this while staying in this country won’t be subjected to criminal or illegal repercussions. Cannabis use is even legal in Germany but only for users who have a strong prescription made by a medical professional.

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds Online?

Once again, the subject of buying and receiving cannabis seeds from an online retailer is still subject to a location’s government. Some countries may have direct approaches in banning any and all forms of marijuana when the product enters their borders. However, some locales may have a lenient approach when cannabis seeds come from online sellers. It cannot be stressed enough that you should always check on your government’s laws before attempting to purchase any cannabis product from online or physical shops to avoid getting into any legal issue.

Aside from checking with your government, it’s also important to know some steps when buying cannabis from online sources. For instance, there are some online retailers that will ask for additional information during the buying process. The shop won’t just ask for your credit card details but they might also require you to present any medical prescription or a state ID. Some retailers might even ask you to present additional means of identification like a driver’s license.

Fans, distributors, and users of marijuana all seek answers to that one burning question – “Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds online?” Hopefully, this post shed some light into some of your inquiries regarding the online purchase of cannabis seeds. Even though marijuana delivery is popular among many cannabis users and growers, don’t forget that the seeds can still be classified as a controlled substance. Hence, governments may still have the final say if you can order seeds from an online source or not.

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