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How to Save Money when Buying Marijuana in a Cannabis Dispensary

Are you looking for a cannabis store near me? Now that more and more countries are open to the use of medical marijuana and the consumption of recreational weed, buying cannabis is now something natural and easy. It is now easy to find the strain you want to use for your medical condition or the weed you want to grow. And with the increased demand for marijuana and marijuana products, the price of different strains are also becoming steeper and steeper. Can you enjoy your favorite strain at an affordable price?

What causes prices of cannabis to skyrocket?

First of all, the demand for cannabis in the market has severely increased its price. Because of the latest studies on the amazing benefits of medical cannabis to different conditions and the contributions of cannabis to wellness, it has become more expensive to purchase cannabis anywhere.

And with the many new strains in the market today, breeders and growers are taking advantage of these new products in the market. It’s quite expensive to buy the most popular strains as well as seeds that are feminized, autoflowering and autoflowering feminized varieties as well.

Another reason for the high cost of marijuana and marijuana products is the continuous prohibition of weed in some areas of the world. Naturally, users will look for better and cheaper ways to buy cannabis even doing business with illegal means and engaging with black market trading.

As much as possible, you should never engage in illegal cannabis selling and trading. This is dangerous and may even cost your safety and security online and offline. What you can do instead is to think of ways to save money as you buy cannabis from online and offline dispensaries.

Saving money on buying the best strains

Compare prices of three or more cannabis companies

As much as possible, you must compare the price of cannabis from at least three more cannabis companies to get a good deal. Prices vary especially when you are comparing products from across the web. Local marijuana is cheaper compared to products from international sites so be wary of buying from foreign seedbanks if you have a budget.

If you are looking for affordable weed products online, never buy from the very first cannabis online website you find. And if you are buying weed from a local dispensary, you must also check the price of at least three or more companies. This way, you’ll get the best deals locally.

Buy cannabis in bulk

One of the most popular ways to buy cannabis and save is to buy in bulk. If this service is not available in your area or there’s a strict rule regarding the amount of cannabis you can purchase then you may not be able to use this service.

But for those who can, bulk buying is all about purchasing more than what is enough. This could be costly at first because you will be buying more weed but you will save on shipment fees and delivery fees when you ship products by bulk and hence, you saved a lot of money.

Bulk orders are not just for buying cannabis products. It also applies to buy seeds. It is more expensive to buy a few seeds at a time because you’ll need to pay for shipment and deliveries each time you check out.

Take advantage of discount offers from seedbanks

If growing cannabis is permitted to where you are located then you might be interested in free seeds for every purchase. Most seedbanks offer some kind of discount offers season after season. Whether you are buying seeds online or from a local seed bank, you can get a good price when you look hard.

The most common deals are free seeds for every purchase. You will find free seeds could be one, two or three seeds for every pack of seeds. The most common seed variety that’s a part of free seeds promos is regular seeds. This is to encourage customers to buy this kind of seed.

But of course, there are also cannabis sites that also offer free seeds when you purchase their top products and strains. Free seeds are available for every purchase of a pack of autoflowering or feminized seeds.

Still, there are other discount offers from popular seedbanks. Some companies offer discounted prices for their top strains and medical strains.  Some also have discounted price on weed products like concentrates, oils and marijuana edibles. Find these special deals online or offline so you can get more value out of your money.

Find the best deals in delivery and shipments

Usually, the delivery and shipment rates can make deliveries more expensive. A bag of weed at $30 will be $50 upon checkout because of delivery and shipment fees. This is also one of the reasons why some growers and consumers are wary of buying online.

But you can completely steer away from expensive delivery and shipment rates by looking for free delivery offers. Usually, this is available if you are ordering from a local seed bank. You will get as much as free delivery to free shipment depending on how much weed or seeds you will purchase.

Free delivery deals are also available when you have accumulated a particular amount of merchandise and weed product. You will only qualify when your total amount is the amount that the dispensary has set.

And possibly the most practical way to save on shipment and deliveries is to purchase your seeds from a local cannabis dispensary. When you buy from a local shop, you can take your seeds home the moment you are done. There is no need to wait and there’s no need to worry about missing your orders or deliveries too.

Get the latest deals and offers

The best way to get the best deals when buying weed online or offline is to agree to be part of the company’s newsletter service or mailing service. This is a service that allows the company to send newsletters and emails to your inbox. In the email or newsletter are updated information regarding the company’s latest deals and discounts plus information on how to take advantage of these offers.

Take note that some companies may even offer discounts just by joining their newsletter service so be sure to look for this.

Visit a local establishment on a regular basis. Some local dispensaries don’t have websites and hence don’t advertise their products. It’s therefore up to you to watch out for special promos and deals by visiting the dispensary or by calling customer service.

Grow your own recreational or medicinal cannabis

Another good way to avoid paying so much on medicinal and recreational weed is to grow your own supply. Imagine saving so much on buying weed especially on deliveries and shipments. You can grow your own supply so you won’t have to worry about shipment or your cannabis being seized in customs or at the border.

But before you decide on growing your own supply of weed at home, consider a few important points.

  • Is weed legal to grow in my area?

Research if weed is legal or not in your location. You will find this information from online government sites or from local news articles as well. Confirm too that the dispensary that you wish to buy or order from will deliver cannabis to your area. You can call customer service if this is not stated on their official website.


  • Can I grow weed inside my own home?

If weed is legal to grow in your state or country then the next step is to confirm if you can grow from your home. This is important if you live in an apartment, condo unit or shared dwelling area. Your landlord or building manager may include a section in your contract regarding cannabis growing and use so be sure to check these out.

  • Do I have the space for cannabis growing?

Do you have space to set up and indoor or outdoor growing station? Outdoor growers should have at least their own yard or outdoor space to place plants in. It must be secure and away from children and pets.

When it comes to indoor growing, you must have adequate space indoors to set up your growing area. Aside from your plants, you must have space for your lights, ventilation system and other equipment that you need to grow your plants.

  • Do I have the time to grow cannabis at home?

Growing cannabis at home is a very challenging experience. You don’t just need the equipment and space but you also need time to tend to your plants. If you don’t have time to spend at least an hour or two to maintain your growing area then growing your own supply is not a good idea.

  • Do I have the budget/money to grow my own weed at home?

Whereas growing cannabis outdoors is the most cost-efficient way to get cannabis at home, indoor growing is very expensive because you need to purchase everything from seeds to lamps. You must be ready to have money to spend day after day, therefore, it’s going to be costly at the initial stage of cannabis growing. You will be able to save money by the time your buds are already usable

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