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How to Safely Buy Seeds Online -Cannabis Buying Tips

There is no telling what kind of cannabis seeds you will find when you buy seeds online. There is no telling whether you are dealing with a scam site or not. Some growers and breeders say that it was tough when they first ordered online. They had to deal with the same situation as well. There were times they had to deal with undelivered orders, missed shipments and even sites that conned them out of their hard-earned cash. But with the internet able to help you find the ideal seedbanks online, you won’t have any trouble at all. Here are some tips to help you buy seeds online safely and securely.

  1. Check out marijuana seed bank reviews

One of the most important things that you must do before you even buy cannabis is to check out marijuana seed bank reviews. This goes even if you are new to buying cannabis seeds or you have done this before many times. The internet can help you find reviews, comments and complaints about any seed bank and these will help you make a decision.

Check for any complaints about the service most especially any complaints like poor quality, bad service and missed deliveries. Finding anything wrong is a reason to move on and look for another seed bank.

  1. Get to know the best seed bank online by asking around

Ask people who have ordered seeds from the store. So aside from checking out reviews, ask actual people for their recommendations. You may have a friend who has made orders from an online seed bank so ask how reliable the site is and how long did it take for the order to arrive at the shipping address. Ask if there were instances when she had to call customer service? Were there any problems with the condition of the seeds when they arrived? Ask anything you want because this increases your confidence in buying from the seed bank site.

  1. Get to know the type of strain you are buying

Another important step is to understand the type of seed or strain that you wish to purchase. If you have a good idea about the strain that you want to buy then there is very little chance that you can get duped online. You can clearly see that you are dealing with a scam site when you spot any incorrect information about their products. There could be mistakes on the spelling, errors in labeling, photos, and the packaging.  Seeds that they sell or there might be mistakes in the labeling, packaging and even the photos of the strain. These are immediate reasons to doubt the trustworthiness of the site.

Having a good idea of a particular strain that you want to buy will guide you in finding the ideal seed bank to purchase from. You can find tons of reference sites regarding different strains online.

  1. Read the site’s FAQs to find out more about the company

The Frequently Asked Questions of a seed bank site will give you an idea of what the company has in mind. Read the different sections carefully especially the sections on how they offer their products and how they serve their customers. Get to know the different rules about deliveries, payments and customer service. You can immediately tell from the site’s FAQ that there is something wrong. Check if the FAQ makes sense, does it read well or does it sound like it was copied from another seed bank. Check the seed bank’s policy about product returns in case there are any damages to your orders. You need this in case you need to return orders that you have received for any kind of reason.

  1. Look at the contact details page

Find the contacts page of the company. You need this in case you need to contact customer service for any question about your orders, their service, and their products. A reliable seed bank should have at least a phone number as a contact but somehow this is not enough. It must also have an email address, customer contact form and should have an actual address of the actual store where seeds are sold. Another thing to consider is any social media site that connects to the seed bank. There are seedbanks with their own Facebook page, Twitter page and Instagram definitely these are good reasons to trust the site. Having these social media sites means that they care about connecting with their customers. This also becomes easier to contact the company and to check for any updates and promos.

  1. Beware of seed bank sites that only accept cryptocurrency

Most seedbanks have very common payment options such as credit cards and bank transfers. However, some seedbanks use least favorable payment options and one of these is cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is quite popular these days and is used as payment by some seed bank sites. Some scam sites use cryptocurrency payments to get sensitive information from a customer. You might already be revealing your banking information and personal information to scammers. Therefore to avoid these, use only seed bank companies that accept payments that you recognize.

  1. Find companies that offer stealth deliveries

You will be able to know if a seed bank company is reliable and won’t scam you if these offer a number of delivery options. One delivery method to look for is stealth delivery. Offering this service means that the company has had experience on how to do this and they were successful in using stealth options. But this delivery option does not come free. But most customers don’t mind for as long as their seeds are safe and sound when these reach their destination.

Stealth deliveries are shipped in a special unmarked package where the seeds will be kept until these reach their destination. There are stealth options where the seeds are placed inside gift or souvenir items to hide these. Some seeds will be delivered inside their breeder’s packing while some are removed from the packaging and delivered inside these inconspicuous items. Find out if this is done in a seed bank before you place your orders. This type of delivery increases your chance of receiving your orders.

  1. Look for shipment or delivery tracking numbers

Another thing that will indicate if a seed bank is serious in giving you quality products is the presence of shipping or tracking numbers. This information is usually found in your confirmation email which will be sent to you after payment has been made. Shipping cannabis seeds could be tricky but no doubt you can track it anywhere around the world and this can only mean that the seed bank is reliable. How to track your packages with a tracking number?

If the seed bank has a preferred courier then you need to create an account and log in from that courier’s site. A link of the courier’s website is indicated in the confirmation email you received from the seed bank company. After you have successfully created an account, you are taken to a page where you can input the number to a tracking system. Meanwhile, if you ordered your seeds abroad then your package will arrive a few weeks and tracking packages could take time. Local deliveries will be faster and you can easily track your packages upon shipment.

  1. Buy cannabis seeds from companies that have physical stores

Another way to find out if a seed bank company is legit is an actual address of a physical store or shop. Seedbanks from countries like The Netherlands, Spain, and Austria have actual physical stores and most people who order seeds from these find it the most convenient information.

And with a large number of international seed banks, you should order only from websites that you can understand. There are foreign sites may have seedbanks in their native tongue and this makes it very hard to order, let alone understand what the content is. Use Google Translate to translate the content but if this is not possible, order from other seedbanks instead.

  1. Just grow your own seeds to stay safe

To avoid the risks of scam sites and getting tricked online for your personal and credit information, grow your own seeds at home. When you grow your own marijuana seeds, you don’t have to deal with any problems concerning seedbanks. There is no need to worry about online security, payment, deliveries, and shipment. You will save money since you won’t have to pay for cannabis seeds. You will have seeds to last for a long, long time. But to grow your own cannabis plants you will need to buy seeds online first. You still need to find a reliable seed bank to initially place your orders from.

Still having doubts ordering cannabis seeds online? Don’t worry because this is a natural thing to feel. But don’t let this worry you because you need to stay focus and shop smart. When you buy cannabis seeds online or from local seed banks, you must never overlook your safety. Don’t let any mistake affect you but take this as a learning experience. They say it is a hit and miss when you are looking for top quality cannabis seed bank sites.

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