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How to Make your Own Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Autoflowering feminized marijuana seeds are seeds that are autoflowering and at the same time completely female. You get the best of both worlds: cannabis seeds that will flower automatically in just a few weeks and are female so there is no chance of growing male plants.

Imagine growing cannabis that will flower for as much as twice a year. You don’t need to deal with a lot of hassle of growing plants that you don’t need to. Most of the time, it’s tough to find auto feminized marijuana seeds from local and online vendors. Oftentimes, growers and breeders make their own seeds to avoid the hassles of hunting online or offline.

Why make your own auto feminized marijuana seeds

Making your own autoflowering feminized marijuana seeds is possibly the smartest thing to do if

One of the most common problems that growers often encounter is the availability of autoflowering feminized marijuana seeds from where they are located. This makes it hard to grow one or simply buy one. Most of the time this makes the price of these seeds more expensive than regular seeds. It is not economical to buy this type of seeds anymore.

Therefore growing your own auto feminized seeds is seen as the more practical option than buying or hunting for one online or from local stores.

  • It is prohibited to grow cannabis from where you are located

If cannabis is still prohibited from where you are located then there is no option than to grow your own. When you grow your own seeds, you don’t need to deal with set rules about buying, shipment, growing, and use of cannabis. You can grow stealthily too, inside the safety of your own home. This is basically the reason why more and more cannabis growers turn to grow their own auto feminized cannabis seeds inside their own homes.

  • You don’t want to spend too much on auto feminized seeds

Not all cannabis growers and breeders can splurge on expensive autoflowering feminized seeds. This type of cannabis seeds is among the most expensive and there is no guarantee that you will be getting good seeds too.

If you are buying for the first time or buying this kind of seed from a new vendor then you are gambling your hard earned cash. Some growers report seedbanks that were not able to provide them with promised viable autoflowering feminized seeds. Some complain that after buying ten seeds, only two or three were able to germinate. Therefore to avoid these worries and to save money, grow your own auto feminized seeds at home.

  • You are new to growing cannabis seeds.

Because you will be growing autoflowering seeds that are all female seeds then there is very little room for error. This is why this type of seeds is recommended for new growers and a blessing for people who have had little chance with growing other types of cannabis.

But despite being easy to grow, you still need to learn more about the strain you are growing. Try to understand the plant’s growing requirements especially its climate, humidity, soil and watering needs. This way, you will be able to provide the best growing environment that will support your plants’ growth and development.

  • You want a flawless growing season

Dealing with a tough growing season? Did you end up growing more males than females from the previous batch you have just grown? You don’t want this to happen again and this is why you need autoflowering feminized seeds. Stop wasting time and money by growing regular seeds, with auto feminized seeds; you will get what you want without the hassles.

How to make your own autoflowering female cannabis seeds

Now we get to the best part. Making your own autoflowering female cannabis seeds are a bit tricky but once you have the hand of making your own seeds, you will be able to grow this type of cannabis seeds in no time. Who knows? You might even end up selling seeds locally or online. Here’s what you need:

  • Autoflowering cannabis seeds (the strain you want to grow)
  • Growing medium (soil or hydroponics)
  • Growing container (any type of pot will do)
  • Grow lights (HPS, LED, etc.)
  • Exhaust fans
  • Fertilizer
  • Water
  • Colloidal silver (available online or from a local supplier; you can make your own)
  • A small brush
  • A small plastic bag


  1. Purchase autoflowering cannabis plants and grow these.

Since you are unsure if the seeds you have purchased are male or female, you have to undergo the process of sexing your plants to get autoflowering female plants. Purchase from a reputable supplier or grower. Or if you have your own female autoflowering cannabis plants then you can use this to create feminized seeds.

  1. Suppose you don’t have female plants yet, grow your auto seeds.

Germinate your seeds using your own technique and once the young plant has sprouted, transfer the seedling in your chosen growing medium (soil or hydroponics). Suppose you are growing in soil, use soil that is conducive to growing cannabis or the strain that you are trying to cultivate.

The ideal soil for growing most cannabis plants is sandy-clayey soil because this can hold much water but at the same time drain excess away from the roots. This type of soil can also hold many nutrients but can drain the excess away as well. This type of soil allows oxygen to be absorbed by the roots too so you will end up having healthy root systems.

  1. Place your growing plants under 24/0 or 20/0 lighting.

Keep your developing plants indoors for close monitoring. You need to control your plants’ growth and development by giving it the best environment to grow in. Let your plants stay in this growing environment for at least three weeks. This is ample time to make the plants healthy and just in time for flowering.

  1. Feed your plants good nutrients and the right fertilizer.

You need healthy plants to grow healthy flowers and seeds. Feed it nutrients that it needs to grow healthy and strong. Most of the time, plants at this stage need more nitrogen to support its growth.

  1. Flowering time = sexing time

After three to four weeks of growing well, your autoflowering plants will finally show off its female or male parts. You want female plants so look for plants that have calyxes or small white flowers along its joints. If you see male parts such as balls or sacs along the joints of the stems then you need to discard these plants. Remove these ASAP before these sacs open and pollinate your female plants!

  1. Take care of your female plants

Now you have your autoflowering female plants, take care of these by supplying it with good food, enough water, and the best growing environment. Remain growing indoors and far from males. When the flowers have fully developed, it is time to create auto feminized seeds.

  1. Using colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is a compound that breeders and growers use to create feminized seeds. For some reason, colloidal silver can stimulate a female plant to grow male parts and of course you need these to fertilize your flowers. You are basically making a hermaphrodite plant with colloidal silver.

You can spray colloidal silver to your plants or use a small brush (a watercolor brush would be great) and just paint it on the bud sites. Switch to a 12/12 lighting schedule first, and then paint the colloidal silver on the bud sites. Be very diligent and use the brush well. Drench the sites daily.

  1. Female plants will soon develop sacs

You will soon find that the areas were you painted colloidal silver will now have sacs or balls similar to a male plant. You may even see structures that are already open like a banana and these are more than ready to fertilize female plants. Just wait a few days more and soon buds will develop and these will be filled with seeds.

When the pollen sacs are ready for harvest, these will look like a balloon because these will swell and then burst. Don’t harvest early. Continue spraying the bud sites daily. When the leaf section that protects the pollen begins to crack, this is the time when the feminized pollen is ready to be collected.

  1. Pollinate other female plants

When the pollen is ready, use a small plastic bag to collect it. Take the feminized pollen and apply this with a clean soft brush on plants that have been flowering for more than 2 to 3 weeks. Pollinating a different female plant is the best way to go so that you can increase the number of seeds produced and will also give the new female plant enough time to develop seeds until these mature. Take note; never use these buds to smoke because these are unsafe because of the colloidal silver.

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