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How to Make Feminized Marijuana Seeds Using Colloidal Silver

Getting female cannabis plants is a hit or miss in most cases. As a matter of fact, it is more common to get a crop of main males than females. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to buying feminized marijuana seeds for sale, then why not creating feminized seeds using colloidal silver?

What is Colloidal Silver?

Wikipedia.org says colloidal silver is the colloid containing silver particles deferred in the fluid. It contains silver salts used by doctors during the early twentieth century. Today, using colloidal silver to cannabis seeds is one of the traditional ways to create feminized seeds.

How to Use Colloidal Silver in Making Feminized Seeds?

Using colloidal silver to cannabis seeds in making them feminized is a bit tough and time-consuming. However, this method seems more successful compared to rodelization.

The colloidal silver spray technique is not something like sticking some silver coins in the spray bottle. Instead, the entire method will require some electricity, pure silver, and more water. In fact, you will need five things in making feminized marijuana seeds using colloidal silver:

  • Pure silver
  • Distilled water
  • 9-volt battery connector
  • 9-volt battery
  • Soldering iron
  • Alligator clips

If this sounds a bit confusing or more expensive than buying feminized marijuana seeds for sale, still you should hesitate in trying this technique. Colloidal silver is currently widely available, but these products are often expensive. Their basic use is for drinking.

Searching for colloidal silver of any type is not actually cheap. For the most part, you will find pure silver coins at the coin shop and at the local cannabis supplies store at varying amounts and prices. Having 2 pieces of ½ oz. colloidal silver is enough to make feminized cannabis seeds. be sure you have either the .999 or .9999 silver. The solution should be purely silver or else the method will be ineffective.

Once you already have some colloidal silver, start connecting the battery to its connector. There must be 2 wires expanding from the connector. One of them is black while the other is red. When using the alligator chips, solder them to the wires to enhance the electrical current. Of course, you will need the soldering iron for this. In case you don’t have a soldering iron, or you don’t know what to do, try seeking help at the nearest hardware store.

The other way in which you don’t need the alligator chips or soldering irons is cutting the hole in silver coins and wrapping the cables over the hole. However, in many cases, conducting electricity and holding the current with the alligator chips is easier. Whether you use the alligator chips or soldering irons, the wires should connect with your silver coins.

Put the silver coins in the glass of distilled water. Don’t include the wires or the alligator chips. Make sure you use distilled water, not any other type of water that may contain impurities. The electrical current will create small silver coins which will float in the water. It happens because the silver particles deionized the water while they don’t tie themselves with anything.

Leave the concoction for around seven hours minimum. The longer you leave the electrically-charged silver coins suspended in the water, the higher the colloidal silver concentration you’ll receive.

Don’t let the colloidal silver generator running for too long since it eventually produces too huge particles. You may not be able to see anything at first, but the film or residue will begin to appear on top of the water in the long run. Once again, keep the wires or the alligator chips dry.

When the required solution is ready, you can start the process. Pick a female cannabis plant that will receive the colloidal silver spray. Mist the plant each day with the created solution as soon as it begins to flower. Just keep on misting the cannabis plant until the pollen sacs start to form. This will take around ten to fourteen days, but the process may also take fewer or more days based on the variation. When the pollen sacs start to appear, use the same technique for retrieving them and fertilizing your cannabis plants.

Colloidal silver in a higher concentration can be harmful. Though you can use or consume the solution for health-related reasons, still it is safer at a smaller concentration. Likewise, you must discard those parts of the cannabis plants sprayed with the colloidal silver.

Some cannabis growers are eager to pinpoint some locations on a specific plant to prevent not scrapping the whole plant. However, this idea may be unsafe when you are careless about where the solution goes. Even if a very few sprinkles of the solution will make the buds unsafe for consuming or smoking.

Pollen formed due to the interaction between colloidal silver and marijuana is completely safe for consumption. This means any portion of the marijuana plant touched by the colloidal silver is toxic. The best thing about using colloidal silver is that the solution continuously produces high-quality feminized cannabis seeds, so your future plants will be mostly females.

At the same time, you can produce seeds ad infinitum while you control the actual quantity of cannabis seeds created out of the colloidal silver spray method. No doubt, spraying colloidal silver is a fun way to produce good-quality seeds for free. However, if you are thinking twice, buying feminized marijuana seeds for sale will be your best option.

The Benefits of Using Colloidal Silver in Making Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Even the seed banks out there use colloidal silver to produce feminized seeds. Once you know how to do it right, you will surely love the results. If you’re serious about trying this method, you may likely enjoy the following as benefits:

  • You can produce healthy feminized marijuana seeds using two female plants. This is possible even with clone marijuana plants.
  • Your seed supply will be consistent.
  • You can limit the number of seeds the process should produce.
  • It lets you create hundreds of seeds when required.

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