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How to Buy Marijuana in Calgary: A Guide to Buying Cannabis

Buying marijuana ain’t something as easy as buying your favorite junk food or snack in a convenient store. You have to consider a lot of things including the city’s laws and policies before you’ll be able to smoke or buy one. Thus, it’s essential that you have to be knowledgeable enough about how you should be able to purchase one without being caught in an awkward situation. In this article, we will take a smoking cannabis trip to a city in southern Canada the Calgary and assess some cannabis stores that you could visit there if you are there for a vacation, business, or just a regular road trip. If you are ready, then let’s take this trip to a start!

Where is Calgary?

Before we’ll be able to move further, let’s get to know first Calgary’s location since not all people are acquainted with this majestic Canadian city. For basics, Calgary is a city within the province of Alberta situated on the southern part of the country, nearby the border of Canada and the USA. The city is said to be 700 kilometers away from Seattle and 900 kilometers from Portland as well. The city is situated surrounding two rivers named Bow and Elbow River, south of it and the Canadian Rockies, north of it. It’s currently the largest city in Alberta holding about 1.3 million people with a stable economy based on media, transportation, technology, manufacturing, retail, and tourism. According to an Economist magazine, the city ranked Calgary as the fourth most liveable city in the world defeating major cities in the world including Tokyo, Vancouver, and Sydney.

Buying Cannabis Guide in Calgary

If you’re curious whether you’ll be allowed to smoke weed in Calgary, then the good news is that you could do it. However, there are some policies and rules that you’d take note before you decide on taking a grip with your weed everywhere. This includes the following;

  1. Smoking Recreational Cannabis in PUBLIC places is heavily RESTRICTED

You could smoke, vape out, or use cannabis either in any forms (edible or resin) is completely allowed in private places. However, you’ll be sanctioned if you are caught getting even small doses of cannabis in public places as such as parks, and streets. Smoking while riding a vehicle or more driving it is severely not permitted as well.

Though, there is an EXCEPTION for this rule. If nonetheless, you are a cannabis treated patient and have enough documentation presented stating that you’re prescribed for cannabis treatment, then you’ll be allowed to continue smoking cannabis in public places.

  1. You can purchase cannabis ONLY in licensed cannabis shops and stores

If you plan to start a cannabis business in Calgary, then you’ll have to properly register your business on the city’s registry. Thus, you’ll be able to freely operate the cannabis business in the city given your registered. However, establishing any cannabis shop could be a hassle with strict rules and policies. There are only specific locations in the city for which you’ll be able to erect a cannabis business. Also, it’s important to remember that you can’t smoke on any cannabis related establishment. Any person who’ll get caught will be sanctioned upon notice. Also, it is to take note that cannabis cafes and lounges are still not permitted for the establishment and unavailable in Calgary.

  1. Cannabis is only legal for use to 18 years old and above

Thus, minors are not allowed to smoke cannabis. You’ll have to present a valid ID upon purchasing any cannabis related products to any establishment to indicate your age and identity as well.

  1. You’ll be allowed to smoke at LEAST 30 grams of cannabis

To prevent overdose and euphoria, the consumption of weed is limited by law up to 30 grams. Upon getting caught of using more, you’ll be sanctioned and will be brought for further inquiry in the police station.


For more information on related cannabis laws in Calgary, it’s best to read the city of Calgary’s website to help you more as needed.

How much will it cost?

Costing will vary depending on the particular strain being bought. However, for the sake of convention, we will compare our data to a regular weed.

Nevertheless, the demand for cannabis increases within every year. However, its expected to fluctuate this time around because of Alberta’s secular laws towards cannabis. According to Canada’s statistics, a gram of regular cannabis costs about $10.12 in 2012. A decrease of $3 on its price was found by 2017. Last year, the cannabis price per gram has lowered to about $7.17. Currently, Canada’s national price for cannabis is about $7.20.

Buying Cannabis in Calgary

There are three major establishments for which you could see or perhaps purchase cannabis goods. Respectively, the cannabis stores or shops, cannabis facility, and a counseling center.

Cannabis facilities are places where cannabis plants are being grown, packed, test for quality, bred, processed, and stored for use. These facilities are specifically allowed to be erected on Industrial General District (I-G) portions of the city.

The cannabis counseling centers are areas for which people will seek medical advice to a professional and further get a medical prescription to allow him for cannabis utilization. There are specific locations for which you’ll be able to build these facilities (CN-1, C-COR2, C-COR 1, and many more).

The cannabis stores are establishments for which you’ll be able to buy or sell cannabis. At this place, you’ll encounter utmost a lot of cannabis varieties and strains to choose from and various forms as desired.

Like the other two, you’ll be able to find cannabis stores only in specific districts within the city. If you want to buy cannabis, then it’s a rough start to know which districts you should visit for easy find. Obtained from Calgary’s city registry, these districts include the following;

  • CC-ET
  • CC-EIR
  • I-E
  • CC-X
  • MU-1 to 2
  • C-R1 to 3
  • C-COR1 to 3
  • C-C1 to C2
  • C-N1 to N2
  • CR20-C20
  • CC-EMU
  • CC-EPR

On its latest update, there is various cannabis dispensary that you could visit in Calgary among these districts. Though some of these dispensaries are still pending for approval, its expected that there are a lot will be approved by the end of the year. All of these stores are licensed to open from 9 AM up to 10 PM during nighttime.

For updates regarding this information, you could check over the City of Calgary’s cannabis facility, store, and counseling center map to get more details regarding the existence and licensing of these establishments.

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