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How Long Marijuana Seeds Sprout

If this is your first time to grow cannabis then one question you may probably have in mind is, how long marijuana seeds sprout? Can cannabis sprout while it is being delivered to you from a marijuana seed bank? It is actually very important to know when cannabis seeds will sprout and what will make seeds sprout as well.

Usually, it could take about three to five days for a regular cannabis seed to sprout. This is when seeds are germinated using a natural or by regular means. As there are different cannabis strains, there are also different times when cannabis seeds sprout.

Factors to consider when sprouting cannabis seeds

  1. The viability of the cannabis seeds

The more viable seeds are, the more these will likely sprout. It may be hard to find out if a seed is viable just by looking at it. Usually, a combination of seed characteristics makes for viable cannabis seeds.

The first thing you must check is the physical appearance of the cannabis seeds. The color gives you a clue. Viable marijuana seeds are dark colored, maybe color black, brown or dark brown. You can even find very dark, almost gem-like cannabis seeds from seedbanks. These colors reveal that the seed is indeed viable.

A shiny sheen on the surface of the seed is also a sign that it is viable. The shape should be round with a slight taper at the end. The seed should also be round and smooth. Touch the seeds and lightly press on it. It should not break or tear when pressed.

Finally, there is the glass of water test that checks if the seed has viable insides. When placed in water the seeds should sink which means that it has heavy insides. The heavy insides are plant material that will soon germinate or sprout. Meanwhile, seeds that float should be discarded. These seeds don’t have any viable insides and definitely won’t sprout. When these are planted these will never grow into a young plant because the viable insides are not present.

There may be more factors that most growers consider when checking the viability of cannabis seeds but surely these are the most commonly used and the ones you can readily use as well.

  1. The age of the cannabis seeds

Cannabis seeds that have been newly harvested will be able to sprout easily. On the other hand, seeds that are months or years old will take time to germinate. It’s true that cannabis seeds can be preserved to last for a decade especially when these are placed in a good container like a glass container with a strong lid. Seeds should also be protected from light and moist to prevent germination. Placing the container inside a freezer may be enough to protect the seeds or placing it inside a cabinet or a dark cupboard will do. Remember to place a sticker or a note on the bottle or container indicating when the seeds were harvested, the type of strain and much other important information that you need by the time you grow the seeds in the future.

  1. The germination technique you used

The germination technique that you will use to sprout your seeds also matter. There are germination techniques that will make it easier to sprout seeds while there are techniques that may take longer.

The paper towel technique is a technique that will help you germinate seeds faster but it requires a bit of maintenance. You need a few pieces of the damp paper towel to be placed in between two plates. The seeds will be placed in between paper towels where they will remain until these germinate. This will remain covered too until germination which usually takes from 3 to 5 days.
Another technique is the glass of water technique where seeds are placed inside the glass. The seeds that will float are discarded because these are non-viable seeds while the seeds that will sink will remain inside the glass. Water will soften the hard seed covering and this will help open the covering. The seeds inside the glass of water should remain no longer than a day.

Another technique, which usually takes longer than most techniques is directly planting the seeds in the ground to sprout. This is simply mimicking what nature intends to do and that is to sprout the seeds naturally. In this case, make sure that you use soil that is conducive to growing cannabis. The soil could be your garden soil but make sure that it has a sandy and clay consistency. This type of soil makes it easier for water and nutrients to be absorbed while the excess may be removed from the soil as well. Again, the germination technique that you chose will affect your sprouting time. So choose well and choose the best that applies to your condition.

  1. The marijuana seed bank you purchased your seeds from

Another factor that can affect the time cannabis seeds will sprout is the location of the seed bank where it was purchased. If you have purchased your seeds from a local seed bank then expect that the seeds will sprout according to its traditional cycle but if the seeds were ordered, shipped from a remote region then you might expect the seeds to sprout anytime soon. Sometimes, growers are surprised to receive germinated seeds from the mail. This is because the location of the seed bank and the time of delivery were not considered when ordering cannabis seeds online.

  1. The actual sprouting and growing period of your cannabis seeds

Sprouting times of seeds could vary depending on the strain as well as other important factors. Some seeds can take up to five or more days to germinate while some can even take longer. There are cannabis seeds that can sprout faster even when germinated naturally.

How to help your cannabis seeds sprout

Ideally, cannabis seeds are just like any other seeds; these will sprout on their own. But for some reason that the seeds cannot germinate, then you may need to lend your seeds a helping hand. For this, you need a small prying tool like a small sharp knife. You may also use a small flat screwdriver to pry open your seeds.

So you have found out that although the seeds you have look, feel and weigh viable, these just won’t open. The problem is, some seeds need a little bit of coaxing and a little bit of time. So take one seed and place this in between your thumb and forefinger. Use a small file to remove only a small bit of the tough seed cover and expose the viable material inside. Stop filing the moment you see the viable seed material. Place the seed in a glass of water to further soften the seed cover. The seeds will soon sprout without hesitation.

Aside from filing your seeds, use a small sharp knife to cut open a very small portion of the seed coat. Cut the seeds until you see the viable insides as well. Afterwards, place this in water as well and remove from water before a day. Your seeds will sprout without hesitation with these techniques.

The best way to sprout your seeds straight from a marijuana seed bank

There are many time-tested techniques to help cannabis seeds sprout but the most effective has to be the paper towel technique. This will slowly and securely germinate seeds without subjecting the seeds to drastic changes in its environment.

So first, get seeds that are viable. Consider the mentioned technique in determining the viability of seeds. Use distilled water to dampen a few pieces of paper towels. Now place the damp paper towels in between two plates. Place the seeds in between the paper towels. Arrange the seeds in such a way that there is ample space in between seeds.

Now cover the plate with another plate creating a cannabis paper towel sandwich. Take this to a dark and dry area in your homes like a cabinet or a cupboard. Check on your seeds at least once a day, also adding more water in case the paper towels begin to dry up. Let the seeds remain for about 3 to 5 days.

You will find your seeds have sprouted after the third or the fifth day. Remove the seedlings and transfer it to a growing medium you prefer. You can place it in a container with soil or in a hydroponics set up. If you plan to grow your plants in soil, use a container with holes at the bottom. Fill this container with soil and then place the seeds in the soil about 2 inches from the surface.

Water the container until water runs out from the holes at the bottom. Place the container in a shady part of your garden and not directly under sunlight. It won’t be long when the taproot will dig deeper and the new leaves of the plants will grow from the seed through the soil.

If you have questions about how to sprout cannabis seeds visit the marijuana seed bank you purchased seeds from to find out exactly when these seeds will sprout.

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