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How Long Does It take For Pot Seeds To Sprout

In a Nutshell

Germination is a process that consists of the sprouting of the seeds before planting. Pot seeds for sale need to undergo proper germination for a higher yield. Make sure to start with fresh and healthy seeds because those are the best when it comes to sprouting seeds. But there are certain environmental factors that might affect the process such as storage quality: like a cool, dark, and dry place. While some seeds can have an extended storage period, some even to the point of indefinitely.

Because of its relatively low maintenance nature, seeds are an excellent way to kick start planting marijuana. Basic necessities in order to start your marijuana garden like seedling trays, even humidity domes as well as heating mats are readily available in every grow shop or nursery and even in the garden section of big box stores.

Pot Seeds for Sale: Role of Marijuana Germination

Marijuana germination is the process where the seeds start to sprout. You would know that sprouting had started if you will see a small white tendril that pops out of the seed.

Taproot is the tiny white tendril that appears out of the marijuana seed during the process of germination and this is the plant’s very first root.  All the other roots that emerge from the marijuana plant during its lifetime will start from the taproot.

The taproot and some other little offshoots from the taproot will eventually start to gets longer and longer and will push the marijuana seed upwards. After the shell that broke through the surface of the growing medium, the very first leaves which are known as the cotyledons will spurt from the inside of the marijuana seed. The cotyledons have been an integral part of the plant embryo in the seed itself, so the marijuana seedling does not have to exert effort to grow them.

Important Note

There are three key words to remember in germination process: warmth, moisture, and darkness. Whenever there is enough moisture to the seed, the little root curled up inside the seed will start to grow and will search for more moisture. The taproot will increases its size faster causing the case or the hull of the seed to breaks open soon. Do not take for granted the capability of those roots to grow because in the span of 12-36 hours and with enough moisture, at this rate the roots will soon appear.

Germination Methods

  1. Paper Method

This is one of the most popular methods to germinate marijuana seeds or any seeds for that matter, it is the wet paper method and some of its variations. The paper method starts with the process of laying the seeds on a damp and absorbent piece of paper or a cotton wool. In this process, you have to make sure that the paper maintains enough moisture for the seeds. If in case that the paper starts to dry out you have to make sure to add more water to keep the paper moist.

  1. Starter Cubes & Seedling Plugs

This is one of the best marijuana germination methods to use that is particularly made to use starter cubes with seedling plugs. These plugs would make germination of marijuana seeds easy. You just have to simply put the seed inside the cube or plug, add some water as seen in the indicated in the instruction, and let the seedling grows on its own while getting the ideal conditions for germination.

  1. Sowing Naturally

Sowing naturally if of course an all-natural method of seed germination and it starts with having healthy seeds sowing directly into the soil, and making sure to keep the soil moist with humidity high, and a temperature that is between 70 to 80 degrees which is very conducive in growing seed. In order to boost germination of older seeds, it might involve a solution called kelp meal with water. Kelp meal has an all-natural rooting compound that is the same with those that are produced synthetically.

  1. Soaking Marijuana Seeds in Water Overnight

This is another method in germinating marijuana seeds that are soaking the seeds overnight in a slightly warm water. You can usually use a glass drinking cup. This method of germination is highly effective for seeds that may have extra hard shells or seeds that are older like more than a few years old. Soaking older seeds in a warm water overnight will wake them up. For more viable seeds, they will start by floating, and then sink to the bottom of the glass after being soaked for a few hours. If you will use a clear glass, you will be able to see when the tiny white taproot would first break out from the shell.

What Marijuana Seeds Need in Order to Germinate?

Marijuana seeds would need the following to get the best possible germination results.

  1. Moisture. Healthy marijuana seeds need to be kept moistened but not soaked. However, it is advisable to soak the hard type of seeds for about 24 to 32 hours, but it is important not to leave the seeds soaking longer than that.


  1. Peace. Do not disturb the seeds. Do not move them around or stir them while soaked in water. The seeds need to have some alone time while you are waiting for the taproot to appear.


  1. Warmth. For best results, keep the environment warm but not too much just like springtime. Seeds ideally germinate if placed in cooler temperature but germination process is longer when it is cool.


  1. Gentle. Be extra careful when you check the seeds and be gentle in handling them if you have to move them. Refrain from touching the white root as much as if possible since the taproot is very fragile and would easily break at this stage.


  1. Plant Root Down. On the process of planting germinated seeds, make sure to point the white root downwards as you place them in the growing medium. This is to avoid reorienting the seedling.


  1. Plant Knuckle Deep. In planting the germinated seeds, make sure not to bury them too far into the growing medium. Just about a half inch to an inch or 1.3 cm to 2.5 cm down to the medium is enough.

Final Thought

Growing is an art that requires most of your time that you spend and giving attention to your plants. Make sure to follow the development of your seedlings most especially during the first stages. In this way, you would be able to appreciate and value more every time you use your joint. Now, you are confident that the pot seeds for sale you are planning to buy will be grown healthily and successfully, for greater yield and better quality.

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