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Growing Pot in Canada

As it is legal in Canada for cannabis to be an outdoor crop, it is the right time to plant marijuana seeds. The harvest can be ready in as little as 7 weeks or maybe the wait will take up to 11 weeks. Planting pot seeds Canada is a beneficial experience as aside from a harvest, the nurturing experience is one that provides a gardening delight. Though Canada has different regional climates, with proper care, a cannabis plant can thrive and yield an excellent harvest.

Health Canada Licenses

There are regulations when it comes to cultivating and processing marijuana. Health Canada has various classes of licenses which include micro and standard producers, nurseries, and micro and standard processing. Outdoor cannabis production requires a nursery, standard, or micro cultivation license.

Any weed strain can be cultivated no matter what how high the THC level is. For those who do cultivate outdoors, there is an additional requirement for a curing, storing, and packaging indoor area adjacent to the crop. All marijuana products are to be tested for contaminants, microbes, and pesticides.

Grow Cannabis Indoors or Outdoors

Growing marijuana outdoors is a practical decision as it can be less costly than buying weed. There can be no potting requirements as the cannabis can be planted on the ground. Some cannabis plants thrive better when grown outdoors with full sun conditions. Sativa type typically grows taller when planted in a garden, reaching a towering height of 6 feet and even higher. Yet, one should consider the climate conditions.

Marijuana plants are not all-weather and most can only thrive in frost-free conditions. Hence, though enthusiastic to get those seeds sprouting, if planting outdoors, keep in mind the growing period. It can take 7 to 9 weeks for harvest, sometimes even longer so if the area has frost, snow, or hail, it might be better to wait until the right planting time, create a greenhouse, or grow pot indoors.

Crop of Opportunity When Growing Pot Seeds Canada

Growing pot in Canada provides people with opportunity. There are various licenses that can be obtained to get into the industry. Aside from being a home cultivar in areas excluding that would be able to harvest from 4 cannabis plants enough weed for personal use, there are other licenses that can be obtained such as that of having a nursery.


The production cost for indoor cultivation is estimated to be at one to three dollars per gram. For outdoor farming, the commercially grown cannabis costs can be as low as twenty cents per gram. There is also the option to use hydroponics to grow pot. Make a careful study of the profitability, requirements, and investment if you are interested in farming this crop of opportunity.

Traditional or Hydrophonics

Aside from deciding to grow marijuana indoors or outdoors, there are methods to choose from. Starting from the growing medium be it the traditional planted in soil in the ground or in a pot, there is also the option to use hydroponics. How to grow the cannabis plant and where to grow it also affects the choice of seeds.

Light and Air

There are cannabis plants that are autoflowering. Autoflower means that there is no requirement for light cycles to be changed in order for the marijuana plant to go to the next stage. Yet, like most plants, it requires light. This light can be from the natural source which is the sun or from a light bulb.

The ideal light to use would be a 20 watt LED light to cover every square foot. The amount of light the marijuana plant needs to be exposed to depends on the variety stage of development and variety. The electricity cost of lighting is not high even if the weed strain requires an exposure to 12 hours of light for it to go into the flowering stage.

For indoor cultivation, there might be a requirement for air circulation and air exhaust fans. Plants need the flow of air for the place to have a better growing environment. It also might be needed as the aroma of the buds, especially when ready to harvest, can be pungent and strong. It also might be required by the lease or rental property owner.

Not all areas have the same rules when it comes to cultivating marijuana indoors and outdoors. There are guidelines that must be followed. These guidelines can be obtained from Health Canada. Those who rent or lease property must obtain permission from the owner. There are apartment and condominium owners that do not allow cannabis cultivation.

Legally Grown

From obtaining the seed to how the cannabis plant is grown, there are rules to follow. The legality of the marijuana plants starts from how and where the seed was obtained. There are seed banks, marijuana shops, and medical marijuana dispensaries that are licensed to sell seeds.

In some areas, there are also requirements that marijuana plants, when grown outdoors, must be in a locked enclosure. Those who plan to cultivate should know the details of the cannabis laws of Canada and that of the area where they will plant.

Privacy of Growing Marijuana

There are people who prefer to grow marijuana without it being noticed for various reasons. The reasons include that of privacy concerns. Such stealth growing does prevent the plant from being tampered with or even stolen when grown outdoors. There are stealth growers that hide dwarf marijuana plants behind bigger plants or grow these in a cupboard.

For Adults Only

Applicable to the use of marijuana and products plus that of cultivation is the age of the person. The person must be at least 19 years old. The rule extends to protecting minors from being able to access the cannabis plants and harvested products in whatever production stage these are in. Keeping the minors from being able to access a garden or an indoor cultivation area may be done with locked enclosures.

Cultivating Marijuana in Canada is Legal

There are rules to follow that would make cultivating marijuana legal. For personal cultivation, is a good idea to start growing pot seeds Canada by buying from legal resources such as a seed bank. If one is planning to grow cannabis plants outdoors, the seedlings can be made ready. Note that with some weed strains, the harvest can be done in as little as 7 weeks.

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