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Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Indoors

Growing autoflowering cannabis seeds indoors can be challenging at first, but this strain is easy to grow and maintain. You’ll be impressed with how fast you can harvest and the high potency of the final product. Are you ready to grow autoflowering cannabis strains indoors? In this post, you’ll learn how to grow autos indoors to help you achieve your goals in the soonest possible time.

How to Maintain the Optimal Light Schedule?

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are natural survivors and they can withstand as few as 5 hours of light per day. However, if you want your autoflowering marijuana plants to thrive, produce a heavy harvest, and reach peak potency, you need to provide 18+ hours of light per day. For indoor cultivation, the optimal light schedule is a consistent 20 hours of light and 4 hours of darkness for the complete life cycle.

One of the biggest differences between photoperiod or regular cannabis and autoflowering cannabis seeds is that the clock is ticking for an auto from the moment the shell of the cannabis seed splits open. It takes 8 to 12 weeks for the post-germination life cycle of modern autoflowering strains to occur. Autoflowering cannabis doesn’t require the common 12/12 light cycle schedule to transition to bloom. Regardless of the light-dark cycle,  it will progress through its life cycle.

Most growers prefer cool white CFL, MH, and LED lighting for the short vegetative period. You can use dual-spectrum HPS lamps which are more convenient to use. Do not be surprised if you have a 30 centimeters tall little ganja tree only after 2 weeks of sprouting. Explosive 5 centimeters vertical growth spurts are not uncommon among the most vigorous autos or hybrids. Indica-dominant strains, such as White Widow Automatic, have a more gradual and bushy growth pattern.

Germinating Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Delineating the vegetative stage with autos is almost impossible these days. Within 30 days, your autoflowering seeds will burst into the flowering stage. Many things can happen in just a week in an indoor autoflowering hybrid grow-op. Using a germination kit or directly sowing into the first and final containers is recommended. You can use 10l–20l plastic pots or containers with drainage holes. Air-Pots are proved to be even better. Many cannabis growers have discovered that small pots are unsuitable for the larger and modern auto hybrids.

Keeping Optimum Temperature and Humidity Levels

To prevent scorched foliage, you need to be prepared to make necessary daily adjustments to your grow lamp. The optimal environmental temperatures for young autoflowering plants are between 20 to 25°C and the RH or relative humidity should be within the 50 to 70% range. The nutrient requirements for autos is considerably lower as compared to photoperiod strains. That is why there is no good reason not to cultivate organically. Autoflowering cannabis seeds prefer a mildly fertilized and well-aerated growing medium. The highly recommended substrates are light mix soils or coco.

How to Deal With the Flowering Stage?

As soon as the pistils are shooting from the first flowers, you may consider and expect a complete bloom cycle within 45 to 60 days, and they’ll be ready for harvest. You also need to prepare to make the necessary adjustments as needed. Bloom base nutrients and bloom boosters will replace low to medium-strength fertilizers. You don’t have to interrupt or change the light schedule at this time. Just stick with the original light cycle schedule until harvest. Make sure though that the temperature will not exceed 28°C.

You need to reduce the RH to 40 to 60% range. Your cannabis plants will stretch to different degrees. Pay attention and maintain the optimal distance between the canopy and the light, by using rope ratchets or a set of easy-roll hangers to make your job a lot easier. Don’t assume that all your autoflowering plants will be developing a squat and shrub-like structure. The final week should be reserved for flushing by using a light flushing solution or pure water. You need to flush by the time the majority of the pistils or hairs on flowers have changed from white to red or orange. Never skip this critical and final stage.

LST and Pruning Techniques

There is a great response of autos to pruning and LST.  It is best to prune early. Topping and fimming are effective for multiplying colas and boosting yields to boot. You can combine the ScrOG method with any of these techniques for a maximum yield. A high volume cultivation using the SOG method is the most popular growing style at the moment. If you are still a beginner, don’t get carried away with excessive or intensive pruning and training until you gain some experience. You can bend little shoots to make a flatter canopy without hurting your yields. Minimal defoliation can increase the penetration flight without causing undue stress to your plants.

Medical Cannabis Growers: Growing Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Indoors

CBD-rich autoflowering marijuana strains have finally arrived. For medicinal cannabis growers striving for self-sufficiency, you can opt-in high-CBD hybrids. Autos like Fast Eddy CBD and Stress Killer Automatic CBD are some of the fastest autoflowering. You can regard the whole plant as a genuine medicine that the world has ever seen. It is time to grow autoflowering cannabis strains to sustain your needs and your patients’ daily doses. Even Insider’s top celebrity weed advocates would appreciate the new aspect of medicine autos!


When you decide to begin cultivating autoflowering cannabis seeds, you might find yourself browsing at online seed catalogs. You will see companies that offer cannabis strains dubbed as “autoflowering,” but do you need to choose just any variety of autoflowering cannabis? Certainly not. You need to be aware of the specifications and requirements of the autos you’re planning to cultivate so you can prepare your indoor grow garden. There are environmental conditions, like optimal temperature and RH you need to follow to ensure that your autos will grow with peak potency and to produce the expected amount of yields. Keeping these tips in mind will make you a better grower every cropping season. Growing autoflowering cannabis seeds indoors is never this easy! Happy growing!

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