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Getting High with Cannabis Ruderalis: How True it is?

Cannabis ruderalis is also called autoflowering strain. If you want to buy ruderalis seeds it is likely that these are labeled autoflowering or auto seeds. There are some concerns that even if you consume ruderalis strains, you won’t be able to get high. Is this true or just a myth?

Get to know what Cannabis ruderalis is and why it’s so popular and find out once and for all if this strain can get you high or not.

What is Cannabis Ruderalis Strain?

Cannabis ruderalis or autoflowering cannabis is used to create autoflowering cannabis. It is not used for its flower or the cannabis products that you get from the buds therefore, you won’t get high when you consume it.

But if you were to consume a very large amount of the flower, it is possible that you’ll get high but consumers don’t recommend this.

Cannabis ruderalis have the characteristics of autoflowering cannabis. These plants are bred to pass on their traits to their hybrid children. When Cannabis ruderalis is combined with a sativa or an indica, you will get a hybrid strain which will have autoflowering traits.

Autoflowering cannabis plants will flower without the need for any special lighting such as 12 hr. light and 12 hr. darkness that regular or photoperiod strains require. These plants have the ability to flower quickly at 7 to 9 weeks, therefore, you might still be able to grow from twice or even thrice a year if conditions are right.

Autoflowering plants are very small and compact, therefore, these plants are best for growing stealthily indoors or even outdoors. And of course, autos will pass on their quick flowering characteristics to their offspring plants.

What about the buds’ effects? Sadly, the buds of ruderalis strains do not possess psychoactive effects and medicinal effects.  These buds are simply used for passing autoflowering traits, that’s all.

The History of Cannabis Ruderalis

From the time the first ruderalis strain was discovered, it was already visible that this type of strain will never be able to provide a decent yield. These plants are small and will never grow large buds.

Those who have studied the ruderalis strain say that these were Cannabis indicas with roots from Western Afghanistan. The name ruderalis was used to describe these plants because these were flowering early and growing very large colas. As soon as the flowering starts, this can’t be reversed. If clones were taken from an autoflowering plant and placed under 24 hours lighting, these won’t produce large colas.

Another well-known story about the ruderalis strain is that this plant was initially from the rugged, cold mountainous regions of China and Russia. Ruderalis were plants that have adapted to the freezing cold and have developed small, compact plant parts to compensate for the lack of sunshine.

This story explains why Cannabis ruderalis plants are very versatile and will be able to grow in any kind of environment no matter what the conditions may be. And also this explains why ruderalis plants don’t need sunlight or darkness to flower. Cannabis ruderalis plants follow an internal time clock which will tell the plant when to flower.

Cannabis Ruderalis Strains Characteristics

A Cannabis ruderalis is not like other cannabis plants that you have grown or consumed before. Ruderalis comes with a single stem with a single cola. Compared to sativa and indica plants with many branches and stems with multiple colas.

Cannabis ruderalis plants will flower no matter how much amount of light and darkness the plants get.  Ruderalis strains that are pure and when bred with a sativa or indica strain the characteristic autoflowering trait will remain even if all the autoflowers are removed.

Some Cannabis ruderalis experts say that the autoflowering features may be absent in one generation but won’t fail to reappear in the future generations.   

Cannabis ruderalis is not the strain to grow if you are looking for high yields.  The small buds will never become large and dense therefore there’s no sense in growing ruderalis to create high-yielding plants.

Will Eating Cannabis Ruderalis Seeds make you High?

Even if you eat a bag of Cannabis ruderalis seeds, you won’t become high. The worst thing that can happen is an upset stomach.  And even if you eat the buds of the ruderalis plants, this won’t make you height either.

There are no differences between the indica, sativa and ruderalis seeds, therefore, you can’t really tell if you are getting Cannabis ruderalis when you purchase seeds locally or from an online seed bank.

There is no way to tell if you are getting regular or photoperiod strains as well because these seeds will have the same appearance as with all other cannabis seed type. This is why you need to look for reputable seed banks where you can buy your seeds from.

It’s importantto buy ruderalis seeds only from a reputable grower or breeder. Remember that you are buying precious seeds and you must never settle from just any kind of seed bank.  You must rely only on a reliable source for the best seeds.

How to Enhance the Effects of Ruderalis Cannabis

Now that it’s clear that you cannot get high when you consume Ruderalis, is there a way to enhance its good properties?


  • Combine the Cannabis ruderalis strain with a Cannabis indica


One way to enhance the effects of Cannabis ruderalis is to combine it with an indica strain to create an autoflowering version of the indica. What will happen is you’ll get a plant that has a higher CBD content useful for medicinal uses AND a plant with autoflowering capabilities.

An indica strain flowers fast therefore mixing a strain with an autoflowering plant creates a plant that can flower quicker and will flower without the need for any special lighting schedules like a strict 12 hour light and 12 hour darkness.

The plant will be smaller than the usual indica strains. This is because the indica is already a small and compact plant. The buds will be small but may still provide a decent yield. This hybrid plant will grow well indoors or outdoors because of its size.

And since this hybrid has an autoflowering parent, you can count on this strain to grow fast and flower fast.  It will be ready to bloom in as fast as 7 to 9 weeks without special lighting. A hybrid indica will grow fast, therefore, you can cultivate plants twice or maybe even thrice a year as long as you follow the plant’s growing conditions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

What About the High?

Combining a ruderalis with an indica won’t enhance the high of the ruderalis or the indica. The relaxing effects will still remain and the autoflowering trait will still be prominent. This trait will be passed on to the next generations of hybrid indica-dominant plants.


  • Combine the Cannabis ruderalis strain with a Cannabis sativa


Cannabis ruderalis, when combined with Cannabis sativa, creates a hybrid strain with autoflowering characteristics. The appearance of this hybrid is quite similar to a sativa strain but with slight differences.

The plant may have a medium to tall height while the structure looks like a Christmas tree. The hybrid plant will have long leaves and stems.

Cannabis ruderalis combined with a sativa will be an energetic strain and has medicinal effects as well. It will be able to help consumers with stress, anxiety, and depression and can make one energetic and free from mental and physical fatigue.

Of course, the hybrid sativa dominant strain will inherit the autoflowering trait of the ruderalis. It can flower early as 7 to 9 weeks plus it will do so without the need for special lighting.

Sativas are known for their longer flower times and combining the strain with a ruderalis will make the flowering time shorter. The life cycle of the hybrid plant will also become shorter and thus you may be able to grow at least two times in a year provided the growing conditions are right.  

Cannabis ruderalis traits will remain for many generations, according to growers and breeders. These traits may skip a generation but will still persevere in the following generations.

What About the High?

Unfortunately, the ruderalis high will not be enhanced when combined with a sativa. Just like combining with an indica, the indica strain’s effects will remain potent.

Where to Buy Cannabis Ruderalis

When buying Cannabis ruderalis strains, it is easy to overlook many things. For instance, you must always buy from reputable seed banks whether you’re shopping online or from a local seed bank. Always read product descriptions compare prices and check out the terms and conditions of a site before you purchase.

There is no way to identify a ruderalis from a sativa or an indica when these are in seed form. So you must always buy from a reputable store or online shop to get the best quality seeds. Trust only seed banks that will provide high guarantees for their seeds. Only when you follow these will you be able to buy ruderalis seeds of the best quality.

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