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Dwarf AutoFlowering Cannabis Seeds Reviews

By the term alone, autoflowering dwarf cannabis seeds are relatively short than other marijuana strains. They are perfect for first-time growers and advanced growers alike. Are you interested in cultivating autos? Are autoflowering cannabis seeds perfect for indoor growing? Or are they better of when grown outdoors? You probably have some ideas about autos and want to know more about specific strains. There are many autoflowering cannabis varieties available in the market today. In this post, we will tackle some of the most popular autoflowering dwarf cannabis seeds offered by different cannabis seed banks online. Let’s get started!

Popular Autoflowering Dwarf Cannabis Seeds

  1. Royal Dwarf

Royal Dwarf has a similar genetic background with Easy Bud strain crossbreed with a Skunk variety. It is relatively short and stout bonsai-like strain. If you are looking for a perfect strain to grow indoors, Royal Dwarf is easy and compact, making multiple crops per season possible. It reaches only 40 to 60 cm tall. It has an intense aroma which will remind you of the peak potency contained in the buds. The brief life cycle of Royal Dwarf is 8 to 9 weeks, producing up to 80 grams per plant outside, and up to 200 grams per square meters when grown indoors. The final yield is not bad for a fast-growing autoflowering cannabis strain!

Royal Dwarf is a sativa-dominant cultivar that encourages uplifting social highs. But the experience is entirely rounded out with a soothing and relaxing effect, bringing out the best from its Skunk genetics. You will never grow wrong with this low-profile strain. It has been hybridized to perfection by one of the best seed banks in the industry. You can start your cultivation exploration now with Royal Dwarf!

  1. White Dwarf Auto

If you are looking for a fast-growing autoflowering cannabis plant, you might consider the White Dwarf auto. White Dwarf Auto origins is a crossbreed of a Cannabis Ruderalis and powerful Indica varieties. It is a perfect autoflowering cannabis for newbies. White Dwarf auto doesn’t get taller than 60 centimeters, so it remains small yet very powerful. During the flowering stage, the buds become white, so beautiful and seem glowing. You can watch this marijuana plant for hours while you dream away. It has a rapid flowering time which makes it a good cannabis plant for the Sea of Green or SOG method.

White Dwarf Auto is high in THC, delivering precisely a powerful effect that you’ve been looking for. It has a deep relaxing stone and the flavor and aroma are surprisingly fresh, fruity, and light. You will be delighted with the effects of White Dwarf Auto. Most especially if you grow cannabis for recreational use. It is highly recognized for its mild and pleasant flavor and aroma. After some time, you will taste the sweet taste followed by a rich earthy flavor. Get high anytime with White Dwarf Auto and feel the powerful kick you long been waiting for! You will never regret growing this type of autoflowering strain because of its positive effects.

  1. Red Dwarf

Red Dwarf is a rare cannabis strain that is also an autoflowering marijuana plant. The traits of red Dwarf came from its cannabis ruderalis genetics. It is a third cannabis plant variety that is usually not bred because of its lower THC content. With selective breeding, it resulted in autoflowering cannabis seeds that grow to adulthood in only 6 weeks. This strain is relatively small and squats, thus making it easy to grow in limited or smaller spaces. It is a popular choice for fast and simple cultivation.

Red Dwarf is anĀ  Indica-dominant which eventually makes you sleepy that starts with a relaxed euphoria. The flavor and aroma include earthy, orange, and pine scents. It is the best choice if you are suffering from a headache, migraine, menstrual cramps, or even depression. The bud is soft and nice to touch. It’s not wet when perfectly cured. The red-orange hairs covered the bud beautifully. Red Dwarf is good it starting extreme acute or chronic pain. It stones just a bit and knocks out the pain immensely.

  1. Little Dwarf Auto Feminized Seeds

Living up to its product name, the Little Dwarf autoflowering cannabis is a compact and small bush. The THC level is medium with a low CBD (0 to 1%). It is a crossbreed of a feminized Cannabis Ruderalis and Skunk variety. It has a unique and unrestricted size with a closed structure which makes this strain a perfect plant for indoor cultivation. It is also recommended for outdoor cultivation where space is limited. It is easy to grow and it doesn’t require complex maintenance.

When it comes to the yields, Little Dwarf produces approximately 200 to 250 grams per square meter. It grows 40 to 70 centimeters in a short period of time. It is usually ready for harvest within 8 to 9 weeks. This result is due to its powerful Skunk trait. It also has a strong flavor kept from its Skunk predecessor and the tight buds are quickly covered in resin. The average CBD and THC levels quickly get you high, which is similar to old-school Skunk weed strains. You’ll feel a chilling body stone with a relaxing and pleasant social high. It is a good choice of strain for recreational events like Mile High 420 Festival celebration! Bring it along with your favorite weed vaporizer and rock the party all night! If you are looking for experimenting on autoflowering cannabis seeds, Little Dwarf is a good choice.


Now, you can confidently grow your autoflowering dwarf cannabis seeds either indoors or outdoors. Autoflowering marijuana seeds are easy to grow as long as you also apply the basic knowledge and skills to ensure a high-quality and greater yield every time. Autos are known for their quick flowering times ad they don’t rely on the normal photoperiod or light cycle changes. They are natural survivors of the wild so you can never go wrong even if you are just a beginner in cannabis growing. Happy growing!

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