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Choosing the Best Feminized Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds to Grow Outdoors

Feminized autoflowering seeds make it easy for anyone to cultivate their own cannabis strain on their outdoor space. These seeds grow into harvest-ready plants quickly than ordinary cannabis seeds. Feminized versions are also likely to turn into female plants that produce high inducing buds.

The market is full of marijuana seeds that are feminized autoflowering types that it can be a hassle to pick one. Let us help you with your choices by giving you a list of what to consider when picking a feminized autoflowering seed to buy and grow at home.

Aroma and flavor

You may come across a strain that is perfect for treating chronic pain and insomnia. Some will give you an interesting kind of high that changes the way you perceive your surroundings. However, this kind of strains has a smell or taste that you might not approve of. A good example of these strains is the skunk or diesel family line, which are an acquired taste.

Always check the strain’s aroma and flavor to see if you are comfortable with it. Nothing is wrong with trying out strains that may seem different for you. Though we highly recommend you give them a try through dried bud or concentrate form so you can get used to the smell and taste of certain strains. If you have a taste for skunk or chemical strains, you can consider cultivating their seeds at home.


On the note of a strain’s aroma, the plants carry the same intense smell. Strains that have a powerful pungent odor should be something to be wary of when cultivating marijuana outdoors. Certain plants can give off a strong smell that can ooze out into the streets or to your neighbors, which is something you want to avoid if you are discreetly cultivating your marijuana plants.

We are not saying that you should avoid seeds that have strong smelling plants. You can use grow tents that can seal the odor of the plants in an enclosed space. Some of this tent also filters the smell of the plants to prevent any suspicious looks at your outdoor space. If you do not have the budget for odor control measures and still want to cultivate your own marijuana stash discreetly, you can still pick other marijuana seeds of the feminized autoflowering types that have a pleasant smell.

THC potency

THC is the cannabinoid within nearly every marijuana strain that is responsible for getting you high. It is also responsible for providing pain relief and other benefits. Some people think that smoking or consuming strains that are rich in THC will allow them to get most of the benefits of cannabis. Unfortunately, taking in too much THC than the amount that your body can handle will lead to side effects. These side effects include paranoia and anxiety attacks. While these symptoms are not lethal, you do not want to experience any of them.

It is a good idea to know your body’s limit or how much THC you can handle before picking a cannabis seed to grow. Much like trying strains with aroma and flavors that are new to you, try consuming potent marijuana strains first before cultivating them. You can find plenty of cannabis strains with varying degree of THC in the market. Some strains are rich in CBD that counteracts the effects of THC while providing relief for chronic pain.

Medical and recreational uses

Various marijuana strains have different uses and effectiveness. Indica strains, for example, can hit you with a relaxant effect that calms your body and soothe your nerve. Sativa strains do the opposite by filling you with blissful energy and motivating you to perform various tasks. Certain sativa weed can also enhance your focus and creativity levels. You also have hybrid strains that give you a balancing effect from both types of strains.

When it comes to medical uses, certain marijuana strains are suitable for specific conditions. Indica strains are useful for helping you overcome insomnia and chronic fatigue. Sativa weed, on the other hand, can break you out of your depression. Certain marijuana strains also have a good mix of THC and CBD that is efficient at numbing pain to a specific degree. Some are great for mild aches or tense muscles. Others can improve the quality of your life if you are suffering from arthritis or severe inflammation.

You can get the most out of your feminized autoflowering seeds if you are familiar with their effects. If you need to something to help you chill out after getting off from work and need to recharge for the next day, indica seeds are worth a spot in your garden. If you need something to perk you up in the morning, consider growing sativa plants instead.

Morgan Freeman said it best “Marijuana has many useful uses. I have fibromyalgia pain in this arm, and the only thing that offers any relief is marijuana. They’re talking about kids who have grand mal seizures, and they’ve discovered that marijuana eases that down to where these children can have a life. That right there, to me, says, ‘Legalize it across the board!’” With that many uses, you want to cultivate a feminized autoflowering seed that you can benefit the most from.


You now have a good grasp of what to consider when picking a feminized autoflowering seed to grow in your garden. The seed’s aroma, odor, THC potency, and effects are the important factors to think about to determine which strain you want to produce.

Because we are talking about growing autoflowering strain, the flowering period of a strain is less important. Autoflower plants have a short growth span than normal marijuana plants. They will also flower no matter the lighting conditions. This lets you harvest them right away before the cold season rolls by. You can also cultivate autoflowering version of strains that have a longer flowering period that usually last more than 11 weeks.

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