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Characteristics of the Best Cannabis Seed Bank

How do you know if you are transacting with the best cannabis seed bank? As there are more and more seedbanks that are offering good quality, legit products for customers, sadly, there are also seedbanks that may not offer the best service.

As a proud cannabis grower and marijuana supporter, you need the best cannabis seed bank to order from. You can’t settle for second best. As much as possible, buy only from reputable seedbanks that will give you more value for your purchase.

Let’s find out what it means to order from the best marijuana seedbanks and how to find one as well.


The appearance counts

At this day and age when almost everything is purchased online, you just can’t spot a good site on the first glance. You really need to focus, check the very small details so you can rest assured that you are ordering from the best.

Online seedbanks are where most cannabis growers order their seeds from. Why is it so? Because it is now very convenient to buy seeds from the internet. You might be in a country where cannabis growing is regulated but it will take all day to get to the nearest seed bank! So you need to rely on your good judgment to find reputable online seedbanks.

A good seed bank will ask for your age. Some may have a pop-up window before you enter the site asking for your age or date of birth. Some may ask if you are eligible or not just by clicking yes or no. Those who are eligible get to shop while those are redirected to another window with a message about age restrictions.

On the first page, the name of the seed bank should be clearly mentioned on the front page with fonts that are readable. If the site is in another language then there should be an option to translate the page to English.

The first page usually has varying content. Some seed banks may immediately present their products, especially their specials while some may mention their special promos. Some have an introduction about the site, their services and any announcements to customers. All these are good indicators that you are dealing with a legit seed bank.

The first page of a legit seed bank also has its contact details. Some flash their phone number and email addresses while some offer chat services. The chat service is usually triggered by a visitor and this is where you can immediately talk to a customer service agent about their products or services.

Any dangerous or elicit photos or information that is unrelated to buying cannabis or marijuana are red flags. You should never order from these sites.

Check products list or page

Clicking the products tab will lead you to a product list or page. The most common setting would have the products listed on one side with matching photos or images. On the other side is a tool that will help customers find what they need.

The tool will help refine searches so they can find the exact strain for their exact needs. For instance, they are looking for recreational or medical strains, sativa or indica, regular, feminized or autoflowering seeds, price range, medical condition and more. This tool should be easy to use and should remember the customer’s preference.

As a product is clicked, information about it should be presented. This will help customers purchase the strain or the cannabis product that they are looking for. Usually, the name of the strain, the type of seed, the price, the number of seeds, a short description of the product and growing information are included.

The most common growing information found on these product pages includes the type of strain (sativa or indica), the flowering time, the height of the plant, the amount of yield, the type of high and other relevant info. With these pieces of information, you will be able to make better and more efficient choices when buying cannabis seeds.

If these are not provided by the seed bank then better look elsewhere. Any unclear information, irrelevant information and total lack of information should be considered red flags.

Look for payment options that you use

Most local seedbanks will only accept cash payments. But when you buy online, you get to use other payment options, maybe something even more convenient for you than cash. The most common payment options accepted online are a credit card, debit card, bank transfers, bank deposits, wire transfers, cash-on-delivery, and cryptocurrency.

When you visit seed bank’s online site, the payment options that the company accepts are not immediately stated on the front page. Most of the time, you need to go through the entire shopping process up to the payment confirmation page only to find out that the site does not accept your type of payment.

How to avoid this? If the payment option is not stated on the first page, check the other pages for the site’s terms and conditions or Frequently Asked Questions page. Here, you will surely find information about their many payment methods. If this is not stated on these pages then contact customer service.

Not having payment method options stated on the site are already reasons to look for another seed bank. If a seed bank accepts only bank deposits or accepts only cryptocurrency payments then you must look elsewhere. Always be very careful about your credit, banking, and personal information online and never immediately put your trust on any site without looking at any possible dangers.

Look for shipment options that you prefer

Important information that you must look for when shopping for cannabis seeds online is the shipping or delivery options.

Most of the time, seedbanks offer a variety of shipping options beginning with the basic parcel delivery service from where the company is located. This is usually for free if you are also located in the same country or region where the company is found. But if you are not, a small fee is applied to your payment for the shipment. Standard or basic shipments will take weeks or even a month.

For faster shipments and deliveries, a seed bank may offer special delivery options using courier services. These are more expensive but it’s a guarantee that your package will be sent to you.

A good seed bank will provide tracking numbers for their customers. A tracking number will let you trace where your package is and make an estimate as to when it could arrive at your location.

Stealth delivery methods are special ways to deliver very delicate items like cannabis seeds. The most common type of stealth delivery is using an unmarked package for your seeds. The package is plain with no information about you and the company. It won’t have any logo or marks that will give an idea as to what is inside the package as well.

Stealth delivery can also be in the form of smaller items or gifts. The seeds will be removed from their breeder packaging and then placed inside these items. No one will suspect that there are seeds inside these gift items, therefore, your delivery will be sent to you without delay.

Most stealth delivery options will not reveal your identity and payments won’t even show on your credit card bill. Again, this protects your identity and helps you stay safe and secure as you shop online.

Contact information is necessary

Another very important thing to look for in reputable cannabis seed bank is the site’s contact information. It should have a phone number, an email address, and a customer contact sheet. Having only one or none of these is reason enough to avoid the seed bank site.

Take note that there are many reasons why you may need to contact a seed bank. Aside from contacting about your order you usually contact a seed bank representative if you have questions about their products or services.

Never order from a seed bank where only the physical address of a seed bank is available for contact. Never buy from a seed bank that doesn’t have any contact information because it would be very difficult to air any complaint or to ask for refunds if you cannot contact customer service.

What to do with scam sites?

Now that you have an idea which seed bank sites are legit and which ones are scam sites, what do you do with these sites?

Actually, there is nothing you can do to remove these sites on the web. The best thing that you can do is to warn other people. Go online, on social media or in cannabis forums to inform other consumers, growers, and users about these sites.

Create a review and mention your experiences.  This will warn other customers regarding these scam sites. In reality, it would be totally impossible to retrieve your payment. The worst part is your personal information and credit information are at stake when you fall victim from these seed bank sites.

Therefore, shopping smart is important so you can buy top quality seeds from the best seed banks.

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