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Canada VS UK: Best Country to Buy Marijuana Seeds From

Nowadays there are many options when it comes to buying cannabis. In fact, the cannabis industry is a very competitive market. However, the high variable cost of marijuana seeds in cities around the globe only indicates that prices don’t necessarily come down even with increased consumption and acceptance of the herb according to a new survey. Two of the best places to source marijuana seeds are Canada and UK. Cannabis seeds UK autoflowering strains are sold in different parts of the world through online channels.

Many medical and recreational cannabis users choose between Canada and the UK market because of high-quality autoflowering cannabis seeds from trusted and reputable seed banks in these countries. In this article, we’ll compare these two cannabis sources and find out what is best for your needs and preferences. Let’s get started!

Canadian Cannabis Market

The legitimate seed banks based in Canada have cannabis strains with the most advanced genetics worldwide. Canadian seed banks employ the most knowledgeable and skilled growers and cultivators just to ensure the highest quality seeds distributed within the country and all over the world. Most seed banks breed cannabis seeds and ship products in stealth packaging around the world. One major seed bank supply medical marijuana strains including White Cookies, Green Crack, Purple Kush, Dark Angel, and Candy Cane. Montreal Quebec Canada is proud of its popular seed banks. One started in 2012, which is proudly operated in Canada. There are many popular cannabis strains that came from Quebec.

Customers can expect incredible savings on autoflower feminized and feminized mix seed packs. Many of the Canadian seed banks carry high-quality seeds. If you receive less than high-quality seeds, you can call the customer service department to get a quick resolution. Another Canadian seed bank produces pure hybrids such as the legendary Northern Lights #5 and the Purple Lightning Feminized Seeds. The cultivators and seed banks in Canada have a heavy emphasis on maintaining genetic quality and strictly controlled growing conditions. Customers are given an assurance that nothing has been bred from hated hermaphrodite parents. The seeds produced are all be viable.

United Kingdom Cannabis Market

You can vouch on the trustworthiness of seed banks in the United Kingdom. Expect the professional delivery of goods. Gorilla Seeds are popular in the UK, packed in stealth packaging and fast delivery. Prices are fair enough and their customer service is world-class. Many seed banks sprouted from the UK cannabis market with more than twenty years of existence. One known seed bank collects, preserves, and crossbreeds marijuana strains from every part of the globe.

Cannabis online shops in the United Kingdom offers feminized, autoflowering, and feminized marijuana seeds. Customers can expect a secure payment and free shipping from the majority of the seed banks. There’s an amazing range of high-quality marijuana seeds in the UK at great value prices. The solid reputation of UK seed banks is matched with great customer service and the freshest seeds. Unlike the popular belief, the prices of marijuana seeds in the UK are very competitive. One important fact you need to know is that marijuana seeds that are not yet germinated are generally accepted in terms of buying and selling. Of course, germinating seeds is another story.

Canada Versus United Kingdom

Canada is an open cannabis market, in terms of medical cannabis, and this is its biggest advantage. Many medical and recreational cannabis users use vape purchased online, like Smokefree and Yocan, and the Canadian market is very strong in supplying their needs and wants. The recent acceptance of cannabis in Canada provides a lot of opportunities both for buyers and sellers. The future of Canada in terms of trading cannabis is very promising.

On the other hand, the 2018 Cannabis Price Index that was compiled by Seedo, a cultivator device company showed the growth rate of marijuana users in different cities in the United Kingdom. London consumes the most cannabis of the 7 British cities with 31.4 metric tons annually and the price average is £6.44 per gram. The most affordable prices are found in Leeds at £5.37 per gram. This finding is in line with the £5.22 per gram figure based on DrugWise online resource. With a free market, Britain will be able to generate higher revenue up to £7bn a year and a tax of £1.05bn. It will also drive street dealers out of existence. It will raise more than £166m yearly with 82.16% tax. While the biggest issue in the UK is the germination of cannabis seeds, buying and selling are permitted.


Consumer Guide to Buying Cannabis Online


  1. It is important to only deal with reputable vendors and avoid discussion about germination when you are dealing with a British vendor.


  1. If you’re operating a cannabis grow shop, a marijuana dispensary, or a cannabis cultivation site, you’ll need high-quality cannabis strains. Dealing with a legitimate Canadian and British seed bank should be assured by checking their credibility and reputation. You can read online reviews about the company to keep you guided.


  1. Know what type of cannabis strains you need based on your area’s location, climate, and environmental condition. It is also crucial to weigh your options in terms of outdoor and indoor cultivation to determine the best strains for you.


  1. Regardless of the country source, you are planning to purchase your cannabis seeds, you need to be wary of very cheap prices or deals. It’s a must to check any money back guarantee if untoward events happen to like ‘Item Not Arrived’ or ‘Damaged Seeds’.


  1. The most important factors you need to consider when choosing a country source are the quality of seeds, shipping options, packaging, delivery time frames, and customer service.


Final Thought

There’s no doubt that Canada and the United Kingdom are two of the best countries to buy marijuana seeds. Both countries offer high-quality cannabis seeds at reasonable prices. If you want a free-flowing transaction, the Canadian market is your best option. For affordability, the UK market stands out. Good luck with your search!

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