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Can K9 Smell Marijuana Seeds?

As cannabis use has increased so much due to how different countries and states are now socially and legally accepting it, the number of people possessing marijuana at any time of the day has also increased. Basically, anyone can walk around public places with a joint or an edible in his/her pocket.

And with marijuana seeds legal in a lot of places as well, you might just be carrying a bag you just bought a few minutes ago. In all other cases, if you order your cannabis seeds online, they will most probably pass through airport security.

This poses a problem if you happen to be living in or traveling to a place that still does not allow marijuana use or possession. Airports, as well as other places with tight security, tend to have measures to detect whether you have marijuana in your possession or not. This usually comes in the form of our furry best friends.

K9 and Marijuana

Dogs or K9 are often used by security personnel and police officers to detect the presence of marijuana in the presence of the person. This also works for other objects and drugs as well because of how dogs are naturally wired to have noses that are up to 100,000 more effective than ours. In other words, they can identify a scent and associate it with an object 100,000 times better than humans can.

Some trainers and companies even use dogs to sniff out almost anything whether it is an endangered species of insects or an illegally smuggled object in prison. That is how sensitive and powerful dog noses are. These furry little K9’s can distinguish even the most illicit compounds found in marijuana, and that is why they are widely used to detect its presence. Even edible marijuana in the form of brownies or any other form of food can be detected by well-trained dogs.

How are they trained?

Dogs know how to search for marijuana not because they are addicted to it or not because that they have altruistic reasons for wanting to help their fellow officers in finding them. Instead, they are trained to find marijuana because they want to find their favorite toys.

That’s right. Dogs can detect marijuana because they associate it with their favorite toy. Trainers do so by playing with the dog using a common object, which is usually a white towel. The towel is carefully washed so that dogs won’t associate it with its own unique scent. After that, the towel is then laced with the smell of marijuana so that the dog will associate the scent with cannabis with that of the white towel, which is its favorite plaything.

When the dog has already associated marijuana with the towel, the trainer would then test out the dog’s sniffing capabilities by hiding the towel with bags of marijuana. And if the dog manages to find the hidden items, the trainer will reward it with another game with the towel. It basically works by conditioning the dog into thinking the marijuana and its favorite toys are one and the same and that there is a system of rewards waiting for it if the dog manages to detect marijuana.

This is basically the same process used by trainers for bomb-detection dogs and for K9 units that specialize in sniffing out other drugs or any other object that might prove to be dangerous or hazardous to the general public if left unchecked.

Because of how dogs have been so well trained in detecting marijuana, they can easily sniff out anyone carrying a bag of buds or even, in some cases, edibles. If you happen to live in a place that does not allow marijuana in any use or form, it might pose a problem to you. And even if you just order it online, it might get detected in transit in the airport and you will be left with an empty bag by the time the package gets to you. But what if you order marijuana seeds legal in some states and countries?

Can dogs detect marijuana seeds?

While it is a general fact that dogs can be trained to detect marijuana in its basic form or as an edible, it might not always be the same in the case of its seeds. This is because marijuana seeds do not have the strong odor associated with marijuana plants. They also do not have THC, which can produce odor as well, because they have not yet developed into mature marijuana plants.

In a manner of speaking, K9 probably could detect marijuana seeds even though they technically are not yet marijuana. The reason for this is because the seeds come from the cannabis plants themselves and might have leftover marijuana scent sticking on them. Another reason is that the seeds come from a shop, seed bank, or dispensary that has the scent of marijuana in the air 24/7. They are also handled by people working and touching marijuana plants all day, which makes it impossible for the seeds to not have marijuana’s distinct scent.

So can dogs detect marijuana seeds? Yes, they could but only if the scent of marijuana was not eliminated through proper preparation and packaging. But if you order from a reputable source that is known for their high-quality standards in preparing the seeds and in packaging them the right way, then you might not have any reason to think that K9 will be able to smell them.

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