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Buying Autoflowering Marijuana Seeds Online: Is it a Good Idea?

Autoflowering marijuana seeds are seeds that have a shorter life cycle. Instead of the usual regular 9 to 10 week flowering period, autoflowering cannabis can flower in just 3 to 4 weeks! Another interesting thing about autos is that these seeds can grow no matter what lighting schedule you put the plants in. You may start with a strict 24/0 or a 20/4 day/night schedule and still, these plants will flower during its designated time.

Now growers and breeders usually purchase autoflowering marijuana seeds online and this has always been a practice of many growers who are unable to purchase seeds locally. But some growers are quite wary about buying seeds online. Most are afraid of getting conned and some are also worried that they won’t get the best value when it comes to seeds. To find out if online seed ordering is a good idea, let’s first check out what are the advantages and the disadvantages of buying autoflowering seeds online:

The good side of buying auto cannabis seeds online

Buying autoflowering cannabis seeds online is a good idea because of its many awesome advantages like the following:

  • You can choose from a wide variety of autoflowering seeds

Possibly one of the best reasons why you should order autoflowering cannabis seeds online is that you can actually choose from a wide variety of strains. Buying from a local seed bank will surely limit your choices but online sites will offer you a world of choices! You can buy highly-popular high THC strains or you can enjoy growing high CBD strains instead. Whatever you are looking for in a recreational or medicinal cannabis strain, you will surely find it when you purchase your seeds online.

  • You have a variety of payment options

Nowadays, people prefer to use other payment methods than cash and you can’t do this when you are ordering seeds from a local shop or dispensary. Most reputable cannabis seeds sites will let you pay using a credit card, money order, bank payments, Western Union and even using cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

But of course, you must never forget your safety when buying cannabis seeds online or any kind of product for that matter. Make sure that your preferred payment option is recognized and that you are dealing with a reputable seed bank or store. Be wary when a seed bank asks for your bank details but are unable to provide their contact details. Check reviews of different online sites. Be very particular about payment disputes and how the company was able to settle the dispute as well. Considering all these will help you find an online seed bank that will work according to your needs.

  • You can take advantage of freebies and special offers

When you order online you will be able to take advantage of different freebies, special offers, and discounts from most online seedbanks. Just some of the offers that you should not miss include free seeds, free deliveries, free shipment and discounts when your purchase has reached a particular amount.

Ask around especially people who have ordered from the site before. Read reviews and blogs about different seedbanks. You may also signup from reputable seedbanks to avail of their special offers and deals.

  • You can get more value out of your money

With all the discounts and deals available for buyers, you can bet that these can give you more value out of your money. If you must order online, choose a site that will offer free seeds, free deliveries, and free shipment. Discounts for bulk orders are welcome too because these will give you the best value for your purchase.

  • You can choose from a large number of seed banks around the world

The world is your marketplace when you order your autoflowering cannabis seeds online. You are not limited to ordering regular or traditional marijuana seeds from a local shop. You don’t have to be limited to a few numbers of strains too. Because you can order online, you will be able to order cannabis seeds from Hawaii, Mexico, Jamaica, Middle East or from Asia. You can grow exotic strains from anywhere in the world in the convenience of your own home when you order your seeds online.

  • You can get additional tips and techniques on how to grow different strains

Ordering online is not just about buying seeds, you will also find useful techniques and tips that you can implement in your own growing site at home. You can find out more about how to deal with a strain’s growing or developmental stage, the kind of fertilizer, the amount of watering, the type of soil and details about the plant’s growing environment.

Aside from the basic tips and techniques on how to grow different strains, you can also find useful information on how to improve a strain’s yield. Common techniques like topping, FIMming, using the screen of green technique and pruning are usually discussed. Most of the time, you can have these handy tips delivered straight to your inbox so you can get updated tips each time these are published.

The bad side of buying auto cannabis seeds online

The following disadvantages should also be considered before you purchase autoflower cannabis seeds online:

  • Some online seed banks are just plain con artists

If there are good and reputable online seed banks, there are also good for nothing con artists. Most of the time it’s hard to tell which online seed banks are reputable and which ones are not simply because the website of the company has a flawless and believable design. But when buying anything online, you need to look beyond the first page of the site and check out what’s really happening from its many pages.

Are the products and prices believable? Is the FAQ page clear and easy to understand? Does the online seed bank offer contact details? Does the seed bank deliver to your area? Is the site available in a different language? All these should be considered so you can find the ideal, reputable site that will give you the best quality products.

  • Some online sites don’t have ways to contact customer service

Not all online seedbanks have complete contact details and this is simply unacceptable. You need to have at least a phone number, an actual address if there are a physical shop, office or headquarters and an order form or customer contact form. A chat service is a good sign of a reputable company and of course, a business phone number means that you will be able to quickly inquire about your orders.

  • Some online seed banks have only a few payment options

Still another common flaw of online seedbanks. Some seedbanks accept credit card payments as well as bank transfers and even cash on delivery; these are very reliable payment options. But some sites may only accept Bitcoin payments which should make you wary. If a seed bank only accepts cryptocurrency then you must reconsider your choice. Also, take note of payment options together with the seed bank’s contact information because you should be able to contact the company ASAP in case you need to inquire about your order or any payment concerns.

  • Some online seed banks may not deliver to your area

Another concern that most people have about online seedbanks is that some do not deliver to where they are located. Most seedbanks deliver locally but may hesitate to deliver to areas and countries where cannabis is still prohibited.

The key to resolving this issue is to first check any rules and regulations about cannabis use and growing in your area. Find seedbanks that will deliver to your country or area, even seedbanks that charge extra for this. Take note about their delivery options, any tracking number would help to track your purchases and contact information to complain about missed deliveries or for delivery errors.

  • Some seed banks may not deliver stealthily to your delivery address

Another popular concern is that some seedbanks may not provide stealth delivery options. This is mostly a premium delivery offer because it usually costs more to have your seeds delivered this way. Stealth delivery is placing your seeds in an unmarked box or package or inside a gift item. This way, your seeds will get to you without being detected by customs and by authorities. Also, when it comes to stealth deliveries, the name of the seed bank will not appear in your credit card statement or bank statement (in case these were the payment options you chose). Instead, you will find another company name so that you won’t get profiled for buying cannabis seeds.

  • There is no way to be certain about the seed quality

You just have to take the company’s word that their products are top quality. You don’t have any guarantee at all whether you are buying regular seeds or autoflowering seeds. Some growers agree that buying online is a hit and miss. But once you find a reputable seed bank, don’t let go. Establish a good business relationship so you can order quality seeds for years to come.

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