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Best Cannabis Seeds to Grow Indoors

Cannabis growers have their own reasons for pursuing their endeavor. Some grow for recreational use, while others maximize the benefit of cannabis plants for medicinal use. But of course, one cannot grow cannabis plants successfully if he has not chosen the best cannabis seeds to grow indoors. Choosing the best cannabis seeds is very crucial as one may waste his entire investment if he fails to get a useful and productive cannabis seed. Check out what Dr. Sanjay Gupta has to say on medicinal cannabis.

Having a cold temperature outside cannot stop you from growing your cannabis seeds at home. In fact, if you want to achieve a robust, substantial yield throughout the year, you would want to grow your cannabis seeds indoor. And relatively, one should secure the best kinds of strains for indoor growing to guarantee an easy process – and fruitful as possible.

Many growers would base their choice according to their own experience over the past years. Nevertheless, there can be some point in a grower’s life where the decision to picking the best strain among others becomes difficult. Hence, it is helpful to know what are the best cannabis seeds that can provide you the best quality and yield.

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Cannabis Seeds to Grow Indoors?

Before you make an order from an online shop or purchase cannabis seeds from a local store, it is important to consider the following things:


Indoor grown spaces are commonly smaller compared to those outdoor grown. Thus, it would be useful and practical to find for cannabis plants that are capable of producing condensed flowers in limited spaces, particularly if growing plants in a small closet or tent. Moreover, you will also have to compute for the number of plants doable for growing in your indoor space. Commonly, you will be restricted to a specific number of both vegetative and flowering plants.


Growing cycle shall vary depending on the kind of strain you are using. To point it out, the majority of the indica strains grow slim and short and release dense nugs ending from their development in irregular climates.

On the other way around, sativa strain which developed in colder climates, have fitted by growing thin and tall and likely to take some time to achieve its fullest size. This implies that indica strains, although they are characteristically smaller, can generate more substance over a shorter period of time compared to their sativa equivalent.

Special Care Guidelines

Not all kinds of cannabis strains can effectively grow under similar conditions. There are some strains that require special kind of cultivation if they are about to be grown at best capacity. You can refer to your breeder about the special care guidelines for the kind of strain you select.

Best Cannabis Seeds to Grow Indoor

Now that you now know the basic things to consider before buying cannabis seeds, it is now time to know what are the cannabis strains that are most ideal for indoor growing. Considering their small size, the short timeframe of growing, and dense flower generation, many indoor growers would choose to use the indica strains. Simple starter indica strains comprise Twilight because of its stress defiance, high production of resin, and restorative high; Northern Lights considering its small size, potential yield, and strong, enduring high; and Hash Plant considering its impressive aroma, high production of trichome, and capability to endure stress.

Certainly, one cannot generalize all types of indica strains to be best to all users. Characteristically, indicas are likely to be very tranquilizing and can be critical if put to excessive temperatures. In these situations, certain sativa strains can be suitable for indoor growing. Although they are likely to take a long span of time to grow in full size, these strains are better capable to manage the at times excessive temperature of growing space, particularly those that are furnished with the so-called HIDs or High-Intensity Discharge lights.

For growers who are inclined to sativa strains, Chemdawg will make a good choice given the fact that it works out well with the SCROG method to generate a huge yield using a single plant. This strain is also capable of handling minor dryness and grows really well in temperatures ranging 68 degrees to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, another ideal sativa strains that are ideal for indoor growing are LA Kush, Durban Poison, and Tangerine Haze.

Indoor cannabis growing can be both amusing and productive. By securing the right indoor structure, a grower can potentially generate a fresh yield every month. To ensure utmost victory, it is recommended to choose the best cannabis seeds to grow indoors according to your therapeutic needs and indoor environment.

The selection of cannabis strain   for your indoor growing may really consume so much time as it is a vital step to a successful growing. You would want to do research so you would know the individual features of your chosen strains.

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