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Benefits of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Planning to grow a marijuana plant starts with the seed choice. Since a home grower can only have a few, this is a crucial decision. Be it for a beginner grower or one that has the expertise, autoflowering, also known as automatic, auto, and autoflower weed plants can provide a great gardening experience and harvest. There are benefits of autoflowering cannabis seeds that makes it an excellent choice to cultivate.

Will Flower Independently Due To Age

Regular and feminized seeds require a change in hours of light to go through the different stages such as flowering. Autoflower seeds will grow and flower without necessitating the changing photoperiod. This eliminates the need to adjust the required marijuana plant growing light cycles. These cannabis plants will independently flower.

New Autoflower Weed Strains

By crossing the sturdy Cannabis Ruderalis with other Indica or Sativa marijuana plants, new hybrids have the desired traits. Cannabis Ruderalis is autoflowering but has low THC levels. The latest marijuana strains that have this as a parent plant do have higher THC levels, yield high-quality buds, and have a great top formation.

Less Tedious Plant Care

Since there is no longer the requirement for changing light cycles, it is much easier to grow than regular or feminized seeds. Having to care a cannabis plant with proper light exposure as it goes through the various stages can be difficult, especially for beginners.

There is no need for separate growing areas for the various stages such as that of vegetative and flowering. These seeds can be cultivated easily in outdoors conditions and will thrive indoors without the ideal marijuana growing conditions. Autoflowering cannabis will thrive best in a warm climate and sunny conditions.

Resistant and Resilient

These cannabis plants are frost-resistant and will thrive except when subjected to extremely cold weather conditions. These are resistant to weather fluctuations, pests, and the common marijuana plant problem of mold. Cultivating automatic seeds with proper plant care ensures a reliable harvest.

Small Cannabis Plants

Unlike those tall Sativa plants that can tower to 6 feet tall, autoflowering cannabis are short. When grown indoors height is from 30 cm to 100 cm. When grown outdoors, the large ones are as short as 50 cm to 100 cm. The height makes it simpler to keep in an enclosure or out of sight.

Stealth growers can easily hide these marijuana plants behind other plants. These are small enough to be placed in a small grow tent or in a cupboard. It is easy to hide these cannabis plants from view to prevent them from catching attention.

Medicinal Marijuana Benefits of Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Depending on the weed strain, there are automatic marijuana plants that have a THC level as high as 20%. The CBD level of some autoflowering cannabis plants can go as high as 6 percent. With constant genetic breeding, many new autoflowering weed strains have higher THC levels.

Cannabis Ruderalis is an autoflowering plant that is commonly used as a natural treatment of depression. This marijuana plant has low THC levels. Cannabis Ruderalis is a parent plant in the lineage of most autoflowering hybrids that have higher THC levels. These resulting hybrids are used for as a highly effective treatment of anxiety, epilepsy, cancer, sclerosis, and as an appetite stimulant.

Fast Flowering and Harvest Time

There are autoflowering marijuana strains that flower in as little as 2 weeks. The maximum time for these to start to flower is four weeks. With some plants, harvest time can be in done 7 to 8 weeks. The average harvest time is 10 weeks though there are some automatic weed strains that should be harvest in 13 weeks for best yield.

Multiple Harvests

These cannabis plants can be harvested at least two times a year. After the first harvest, it would take up to 3 months to get another crop. The plant should be retained in the growing medium to ensure the production of the next crop.

Multiple Seed Production

These marijuana plants can produce hundreds of seeds even if it is short. The seeds can be kept and dried in proper condition for new plants to be grown. Autoflowering plants cannot be cloned so the seeds are vital for the next generation.

Tolerant to Light Leaks

The night lights of the city and that of changing light exposure that happens in the area of which a marijuana plant is grown can retard it and make it take longer to be ready for harvest. Light leaks also can make a cannabis plant have lower yields. An autoflowering cannabis plant has the immunity. It will not be adversely affected by light leaks.

Responds to Techniques

Early pruning and topping can bring about multiple colas and increase the yield. A flat canopy can be achieved by gently bending the shoots just a little bit. The Sea of Green or Screen of Green methods does work to get a more bountiful harvest. The training techniques of photoperiod marijuana plants can be used for these that autoflower.

Super Auto Plants

There are these seeds that are deemed as super autoflowering. These are bigger, stronger, and better than the original weed strain and most of the other automatic cannabis strains. These also grow fast and the crop yield is larger.

Lessens the Cost of Growing Marijuana

The benefits of autoflowering cannabis seeds to be used for cultivation are immense, aside from lowering the costs of growing marijuana plants if one is not fussy about providing more light to it so yields will be higher. The need for growing this marijuana plant without separate areas for the different stages it also cut downs the cost. The amount of space required for it to be planted in both indoors and outdoors because of the size of the plant makes it easier to secure.

Choosing Autoflowering Seeds

The desirable traits of this cultivar make it easy to grow even for beginners. It provides the luxury of less plant care yet will thrive better in the right conditions. The choices would be based on the THC level, the CBD level, and the recreational and medical benefits. There are the right automatic seeds to choose among the hundreds of weed strains available that will provide a fulfilling gardening experience to cultivate.


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