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10 Tips Before Buying Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Online

Autoflowering cannabis seeds produce plants that automatically flower without changes in light cycle, so many growers are impressed and want to grow them. Unlike regular cannabis plants, it’s the age and not the lighting that determines the flower production of autos. Autoflowering cannabis strains are called cannabis ruderalis which is usually found in colder regions including China and Russia. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are very demanding because of their ease of growth, making them an all-year crop. If you are planning to buy autoflowering cannabis seeds online, you can follow these tips to ensure a successful cultivation. Let’s get started!

1. Use Your Nickname When Ordering Online

It is advisable to use your nickname and regular email address to order online. A dedicated email address intended for purchasing cannabis seeds online will be safer for you and to keep your online activity limited for such specific purpose.

2. Never Use Your Personal Credit Card

If you can pay cash, the better. You can also use a business credit card instead of your personal credit card. Doing so will reduce the chances of associating your identity with cannabis purchases online. When sending cash payments, some online sellers advise customers to wrap the paper bills into a carbon paper to prevent detection. Money order or postal payments is also acceptable to keep your identity protected when buying autoflowering seeds online.

3. Never Use Fake Addresses or Names

Packages without proper identification are the ones that are usually checked and opened because they look suspicious. You can ship the package into a close relative’s house or your friend’s house and keep them a heads up about the shipment without telling them the real reason for your purchase. Don’t worry because seed banks ensure that they use stealth packaging techniques. Autoflowering cannabis seeds are kept in ordinary objects like kitchen utensils, home decors, and art crafts to keep you and your seeds safe.

4. Never Ship Cannabis Seeds to Your Garden Address

It is better to be safe than sorry. Even if stealth packaging is used, don’t give a slight chance for your garden to be discovered. It applies to both outdoor and indoor marijuana gardens. If you’re a huge fan of autos and regular cannabis seeds, ordering online is your best option. However, you need to take precautionary measures to ensure your cannabis garden is kept safe and secure.

5. Choose the Right Strain for Your Garden

Once you have decided to grow autoflowering cannabis yourself, you need to choose the right strain for your garden. There is a wide array of choices and it’s impossible to favor of one kind and put aside the other autoflowering cannabis seeds. You need to consider the germination rate, and most strains are ready to harvest after 7 to 11 weeks. Check the specifications or qualities of different strains by visiting the website of your prospective seed bank and reading reviews.

6. Research Before You Buy Cannabis Seeds Online

If you want to get viable autoflowering seeds and grow them healthy and high-yielding, it is important to know what to expect. Aside from the specific strain, the amount of yield will highly depend on the quality of the grow. Autoflowering cannabis plants usually have an average of 150 to 400 grams per square meter of bud. While this amount may not seem abundant, there’s an advantage growing autos because you can keep cultivating autos all year round.

7. Prepare Your Own Soil

Autoflowering cannabis strains prefer light, as well as airy soil with a low level of nutrients. Standard potting soils bought on shops are ideal as compared to specialist ‘lighter’ mixes. You will obtain better results if you tailor the soil to your cannabis. You can accomplish this by making your own soil. The basic recipe for autoflowering strains includes 3 parts compost, 3 parts peat moss, 1 part vermiculite (pre-wet), and 2 parts perlite (pre-wet). By preparing a healthy soil for your autos, you create a good foundation to nurture your autoflowering cannabis plants.

8. Know the Light and Nutrient Requirements of Autos

Autoflowering cannabis strains generally need 18 to 24 hours of light a day to produce the best results. You can use a blue light (6500k) then switch to a red light (2700k) once your plants enter the flowering stage. Investing in proper lighting earlier is better so you’re ready to grow once your seeds arrive. Autos are natural survivors, so they don’t really need a lot of nutrients to grow and develop.

9. Choose the Vendor Wisely

There are risks associated with online transactions, so you need to choose a trusted and reputable seed bank or online shop. Working with cannabis seed banks gives you some form of guarantee in terms of the quality of the seeds and your privacy. One drawback of dealing with a big cannabis seed bank is the high prices of seeds. You can check a little-known seed supplier offering lower prices, but ensure you read reviews to have a peace of mind when ordering from them online. Take advantage of a holiday or seasonal discounts as well as first-time customer deals. Many vendors offer free seeds or free shipping once you reach a certain amount of price point or minimum order.

10. Keep All Online Transactions Private

Don’t tell anyone about your online transactions, most especially involving buying cannabis seeds. Keep it to yourself to avoid any risks. It is easy to get excited telling your best friend or a cannabis buddy about your deals, but it’s best to be safe than compromising your privacy and safety. NORML Canada and other cannabis advocates highly recommend following strict guidelines and policies associated with online cannabis transactions for your safety.


The steps you need to take before you buy autoflowering cannabis seeds online are basically the same with regular cannabis. It is crucial to equip yourself with the right knowledge, skills, and attitude on how to handle online transactions and grow your autoflowering cannabis strains healthy to gain high quality and satisfying yield. By keeping all these important tips in mind, you have more confidence ordering your autoflowering cannabis seeds online. Happy online shopping!

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