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10 Best Way to Grow Autoflowering Cannabis

Auto-flowering marijuana strains are what is known to be a gift to those who are planning to start-up a cannabis but lacks the guts to do so. Since auto-flowering strains are much easier to cultivate and manage compared to the regular seeds in the market, it is best suitable for those who are interested in learning the basics of marijuana growing. There is certainly a lot of best way to grow autoflowering cannabis seeds depending on your preference.

The best thing about auto-flowering marijuana seeds is that it doesn’t need the utmost management skills that other plants require. Lighting schedules become a thing in the past and temperature and humidity are no match with its capability of growing in any given environment. This is why some people recommend the use of the auto-flowering type for those future weed growers.

In this way, skills in marijuana farming can be learned and the proper care and management will surely develop in a person. As a special help, we jotted down some tips of the trade that will help you blossom your own auto-flowering marijuana farm.

Best Way to Grow Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

Just like any other marijuana plants, there are specific ways that an auto-flowering plant should be treated. It may be an easy strain to raise but it still needs some parameters to be met to achieve optimal growth and production of high yields. Listed below are the things you need to consider in starting your auto-flowering marijuana farm from planting until harvesting.

  1. Make sure that the soil where you will plant your seeds are light and airy.

Auto-flowering marijuana strains prefer a soil that is light and airy. This type of soil contains fewer nutrients which this kind of plant prefers.

Soils that are heavy in nature will prevent the roots of auto-flowering plants to acquire the right amount of air from the surroundings. This type of soil will also cause the roots to not grow out seamlessly making it hard for the plant to get proper nourishing.

Soil bought from garden shops are quite not satisfying for this plant. The best way you can do is to mix up your very own soil which is not that hard.

All you need to prepare are the following:

  • 3 parts of peat moss
  • 3 parts of compost
  • 2 parts of pre-wet perlite
  • 1 part of pre-wet vermiculite
  1. Don’t overdo the fertilizer.

Auto-flowering strains, coming from its ruderalis lineage, is known to grow to a compact and short plant. This means that it doesn’t require that much fertilizing which provides added nutrients for the plant.

Keeping the nutrient value in minimum will allow you to save up some cash and make it healthier for the plant. This kind of marijuana plant only undergoes the vegetative stage in a very short period which means additional nutrients will not be beneficial for it. Actually, providing more nutrients like nitrogen will cause your plant to suffer and can burn it as well.

As a guide, you can provide sufficient nutrients two weeks after planting the seeds. But remember to provide supplements in minimal amounts.

  1. Keep the soil’s pH at optimum.

The optimum pH level of the soil where your auto-flowering plant is growing is around 6.2 to 6.5. If you decide on purchasing soil in shops, make sure that its pH is around the range stated before to assure proper and healthy growth of your plant.

You can also have a pH scale ready to check the pH levels of the soil from time to time to make sure that is is within the given range. There are products available in the market that can help you reach the right pH whenever it drops or it exceeds the limits.

  1. Let the microorganisms grow together with your plant.

This is completely true since the soil you bought or mixed is a harbor for microorganisms to thrive and grow. Even if you’re growing your marijuana plants indoors, there is still a chance of microorganisms to be present in the soil. Don’t worry about it since it since it is also beneficial for the plant itself.

If you think that your store-bought soil or your mixed soil doesn’t have the right amount of microorganisms in it, you can always add some beneficial microorganisms to your medium.

Mycorrhizal fungi are a good addition to your plant’s soil. These microorganisms develop a good relationship with your plant’s roots in a way that the roots produce sugars that these fungi feed on. As a result, these fungi serve as an extension of the roots which allows a larger area coverage for better nutrient absorption.

  1. Be wary of the parasites thriving in the soil.

One thing that you might check up on is the growth of parasites that are bad for your marijuana plant. These pests will ruin your plant’s leaves, stems, roots, and especially the flower. This is why it is still important to check up on your plant from time to time most especially if you cultivated them outdoors where it is exposed to a lot of external objects.

Parasitic nematodes are the ones you should also monitor. These are the ones that eat up your plant’s roots which causes insufficient absorption and will lead to the passing of your marijuana plant.

As a solution to this problem, you can purchase predatory nematodes that wallops and kills these dangerous parasites and keeps your plant healthy and worry-free. This type of nematodes is not detrimental to your plant rather it is a threat towards those pesky little brats that eat up your plants.

  1. Get the lighting right.

Auto-flowering plants, even though doesn’t care much about the lighting schedule, still needs an adequate amount of light for it to prosper. Just like any other plant, light is beneficial for everything to fit the right place.

This type of plant can fairly survive even with lighting that is fewer than 5 hours per day. Allowing your plant to sink in some lighting for about 18 or more hours will help it achieve larger amounts of harvest and better potency for the buds.

Indoor cultivation of auto-flowering marijuana plants would require a 20-4 lighting schedule to achieve better growth, development, and yield. If you’re planning to grow auto-flowering plants outdoors, it is better to allow for the first 2 weeks of the plant to be cultivated indoors before taking it outside.

  1. Everything will seem to be on fast forward.

Unlike regular plants that takes so much time before the vegetative phase to end, auto-flowering plants take just a few days before entering the flowering stage.

This makes it crucial for the plant’s development during the first week of its growth. It is better to be prepared with the right tools and equipment for your plants before going on with the process of cultivation.

Punching holes on the bottom of the plastic container or pots are beneficial for proper drainage. Aside from that, larger pots are more advantageous compared to smaller ones even though such plants are known to grow only to a small height.

Always check up on the lamp that you’re using. You don’t want to scorch your plants and reducing the yield that it can produce. The optimal temperature for your auto-flowering plant will be in a range of 20°C to 25°C while the relative humidity should be between 50% to 70%.

  1. Pruning and training the plants are still beneficial.

Don’t forget to prune and train your marijuana plant. Doing this will make your plants really happy and can reward you with larger bountiful harvest at the end of the season.

The Screen of Green or ScrOG method will work wonders in generating higher yields but the Sea of Green or SOG method is the most preferred one among marijuana growers since it provides higher volumes of cultivation.

  1. Medicinal marijuana that is auto-flowering in nature is more preferred.

According to Nebula Haze and Sirius Fourside’s blog on auto-flowering cannabis strains: Medical marijuana that is auto-flowering in nature is more preferred since they possess high CBD levels that are beneficial for people who seeks treatment for certain conditions.

Due to the long grueling waiting period of regular marijuana plants that is rich with CBD levels, people are searching for alternatives that will provide the needed benefits in just a little amount of time. Alas! The birth of high CBD containing auto-flowering marijuana plants that gives the same or better advantages that regular plants give.

  1. Outdoors is the place to be.

The best way to grow autoflowering cannabis seeds is through cultivation outdoors. Since the great outdoors are full of the natural requirements that your plant needs compared to artificial growing indoors. Just make sure to check your plant from time to time to avoid any problems that might arise from mishandling this type of plant.

As a matter of fact, a lot of reviews show that auto-flowering plants are that type of plant that relatively enjoys the outdoors unlike those regular plants that are quite picky when it comes to the environment.

Be Mindful of Your Plant’s Condition

Given that auto-flowering plants don’t require so much attention compared to the regular marijuana types, it is still best to provide a lot of TLC and a mindful guidance to your plants at it goes through the different phases of its cycle. Rest assured that auto-flowering plants will provide you the most bountiful and high potency products if proper guidance is established.

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